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How To Be The Best Lover She's Ever Had

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Top Pheromones
Pheromones Comparison Table


Many men have a very healthy feeling about how good they are from a lover point of view. Now most of the time you should chalk this up to being nothing more than ego. 

However, there are some men in the world that have figured out how to be the best lovers. That is not an easy thing to do and you must be willing to take a few things in stride.

Marketing yourself as the best lover the woman has ever had is most likely not the best idea. You have no idea how things have gone before you. 

Therefore, she may have had a better lover but did not feel the kind of attraction to him that makes her clock tick. That is where you come in. She is obviously looking for something more in a man than just good sex.

Now, there is something in that whole concept that must be considered. If she wants something more then you must be willing to give her something more or you will fall flat on your face. That is just plain and simple common knowledge. 

You will not find the kind of relationship you are looking for if you simply go into the relationship thinking that you have the entire thing figured out. 

There is little to go on when it comes to this kind of thing. Many of the most irritating things in the world come together for a woman when the man she is with thinks that he has no room for improvement. 

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No matter how good you are or think you are there is always going to be room for improvement and you need to have that train of thought. That is the kind of thing that most of the women in the world are looking for. 

A man who is not hung up on himself and willing to do the kinds of things that will work for her as well as enjoying himself at the same time.

Nothing could be better for the woman than that. So lets take a look at the ways you can make these kinds of changes to yourself before diving into the next relationship. One of the most important things about a woman is the fact that they like to talk. 

Unlike the men of the world, women would much rather have a conversation before the actual act which will add an air of romance that is not normally found.

Now in this conversation you will find a good many clues to what she wants. Instead of thinking of the talking as being nothing more than the precursor to the act, think of it as the learning time. 

With that learning time you will get some valuable knowledge into the mind set of the woman. Then once the time does come you will be able to find the right methods that will work for her.

Everyone should have a good time when this is going on and not just the man. So you will need to make sure that all goes well. Follow her lead and you will find the kind of romantic and last relationship that you have been looking for. 

Being the best lover she has ever had is simply a matter of knowing what she does and does not want, simple as that.

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