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Overused Lines Used to Approach Women

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Men are always full of strength and power, but why do they loose these qualities when it comes women. The feeling bursting within them when they want to approach women make their knees get weak that make them look like a shy little boy.

To overcome the fear of approaching women, some men use silly pick-up lines that make them look naïve in front of women. Some pick-up lines that men use to approach women are outlined below: 

Overused and lousy pick-up lines: 

At the Bookstore - “You must buy my books, it’s totally amazing and fabulous.” 

At the Coffee Shop – “Can I buy you a drink or something?” 

At the bar or lounge - “This place is wonderful, have you been here before?” 

“What other places do you want to visit?” 

These are overused ways to approach women and are big “no-no”, they create desperate notion or impression about you. Women will then really say that you turn them off.

Instead of using these lines and trying hard to impress women, try the “natural approach” which is just being you. This is more effective for it will reveal the real, unique and distinctive personality that you really have. 

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Being natural is the basic tip, but if you want to develop an extraordinaire way of how to approach women you have to develop these qualities: 

· Self-confidence - Being confident and comfortable about yourself is a vital quality that you must have to approach women with ease.

This can make the interaction between you and her more receptive and open. You can easily share a part with someone if you really have good communication skills and confidence about yourself 

· Courtesy – courtesy is another consideration to make your approach pleasing. Every woman needs respect and should be valued that’s why you have to approach women with proper courtesy and right choose of words. Never use vulgar and rude words for these will make women fell indifferent about you. 

· Intelligence – They say intelligence is only necessary at school, but that’s not true if you want to approach women successfully as well.

Intelligence is a must in everything you do even on how you approach women. Women love men with good ideas and philosophy because they focus more on qualities instead on good looks and wealth. 

· Passion – Passion here means your interest to the other party. Usually when women know that you have an interest with them, you immediately develop connection into their heart.

They also become interested with you and they pay better attention about your ways, your attitude and qualities to access your overall package. 

Approach women using these tips and you will surely get a positive response. You will not only develop an acquaintance or friendship with them.

With enough self confidence, courtesy, intelligence and passion, you will surely approach women with ease and then establish a deeper and more meaningful relationship with them.

You will leave a mark on their life because of your special and extraordinary qualities that no one can ever match. 

Exude Confidence

Women are naturally gravitated by men who will sweep them off their feet. They need someone to support them during their emotional distress and to listen to them. Due to these reasons, they instantly evaluate your ability to project such characteristics during your initial meeting. Hence, possessing these features are a plus to your effort in enticing her.

You should, therefore, exude confidence and charm when you meet a woman. Talk to her politely and assertively. Also, smile to break the ice. Make her relax and encourage her to voice her opinions and give her part of the story. This way you are conversing and she will open up quickly.

Negative actions such as fidgeting, arms crossing and keeping distance, only work to create a barrier between you and your girl. It also indicates lack of confidence on your part or non-appreciation for her presence around you. This would make her seek to prematurely terminate your first meeting.

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