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Human reaction to pheromone

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Have you ever thought why one human being gets attracted other human being especially of opposite sex? It is the Chemical that present in the every human body known as Pheromone that emits odor sending a message to the opposite sex.

Not only does the pheromone attract the opposite sex, it also helps in lot of other things as well. The female tend to be more fertile and have regular menstrual cycles due to the pheromone in the male sex partner. 

The women will be more benefitted by the effects of pheromones if she have sex at least once in a week. Pheromones usually work through the sense of aroma it produces from the opposite sex. 

If a woman has either long or short menstrual cycles, she can get her menstrual cycles to average if she keeps on inhaling the male pheromones. Pheromones are usually found in hormones, natural body odor and male sweat.

Not only do the women get affected by the male pheromones they also get affected by the pheromones of other women. Women living together are exposed to the pheromones of other women.

If they are exposed to each other for period of time they start menstruating at the same time. This is been confirmed very long time back that women who live together menstruate at the same time. The pheromones in male help promote reproductive health. 

When you say that a particular man and a woman have immense chemistry, what you mean is that the two people has good relationship and are compatible with each other.

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Actually it is the pheromones between these two people that play an important role in giving the supposed sense of great chemistry which is very important for both the parties to willingly agree to have sex. 

It is always the presence of the pheromones of a male that dictates the interpretation of a female towards that male. The effects of the pheromones scent gives the impression of the male which is unintentionally professed by women. 

In the same way a man opinion of a woman is elevated. The existence of pheromones of a woman elevates his opinion of her charm more than her physical facade. 

Once the pheromone of a woman attracts a man, he gets attracted to her irrespective of her appearance. She may not be a model or a beauty queen. 

It is this sense of smell in the pheromone, which invokes the sense of any human being. This sense of smell is responsible for the attraction towards the opposite sex. 

Hence, it can be understood that pheromones increase the natural chemistry linking a man and a woman, and give the awareness of improved compatibility, not to point out charm and good looks which are not due only to esthetics or physical facade. 

This pheromone induced great chemistry may be accountable for the unexplainable sense of happiness that one feels when in the company of other even though the physical appearance of that person is average or not so good. 

Maintain Eye Contact

Eyes reveal much about someone. And maintain a steady eye contact can improve your chances of being accepted by a woman you are trying to entice. Conversely, an evasive and fleeting eye contact may be construed to mean you are ashamed, scared or afraid of her. This will bring out the opposite effect. After all, nobody wants to be part of a scary meeting.

Make a good eye contact when talking to the lady. Check for her mannerism. In case her gaze is evasive and darting also, calm her and reassure her that it’s fine while looking at her lovingly in her eyes.

However, do not be so intense. It may be overbearing and indicate doubts on your part. It may give her an impression that you are an overbearing and domineering type.

So, maintain a natural eye gaze that is not too dominating or lacking in confidence. When you strike the right contact, she will quickly be at ease and enjoy your company.

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