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Knowing how to attract women is not enough if cannot keep her interested

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You can get lots of material to learn how to attract women. But that would not be enough to keep you going. You also have to learn how to keep them attracted to you.

Usually guys end up losing even after attracting the women of their dream. This is because they tend to forget that woman lose interest in things very fast. 

First let’s start with how to attract women. I will be giving you just a few points that you have to keep in mind. The basic points that you have to know how to attract women are as under. 

You should have good conversational skills. You should know how to speak comfortably, do not hesitate while talking. You should have the ability to make humorous comments. The next basic step to how to attract women is listening. 

Listening is very important; you have to interact with the women. Listen to what she is telling you and let her know that you are listening to her. The last step of how to attract women is your attitude.

Attitude is your frame of mind. Be positive start your conversation without any hesitation. Be what you are; never try to copy someone else. Communicate your views to her without any prejudice.

Once you have the attitude to converse and listen, you are on your way to attracting the woman of your dream. Once you start the conversation, you should never look back. Keep talking to her keep her interested.

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At times listen to her take her views about something that you are talking about. Here you go you are in a full flow. Do not get stagnated be natural, set up your mind, be witty and humorous. Forget about the crowd around; just remember about the woman you are with. 

After you have learned how to attract women, talking is the only way to keep her with you. You should be like water flowing in a stream. Be supple and listen to her and never be rude to her.

You might be thinking this is easy and simple but it is not as simple as you think when it comes to practice. Keep this point in your mind once you know how to attract women, keeping her interested in you is important. 

At one point you start feeling you are exhausted with the topics to speak of. Change the venue; ask her for a coffee or a snack. Take her to a good restaurant or such a place where you feel comfortable.

Now you will feel the urge to getting her mobile number. But you are feeling panicky to ask from her. Do not feel nervous just go ahead and ask her for her number and she will more willingly give it to you. 

Exchanging the phone numbers is important. It keeps you in contact with her anytime you like to be connected. You have to contact her again to proceed further. Never try to force her to give you her phone number. Instead give yours. 

Once you have attracted a woman towards you, she definitely will call you back. Once she calls you then the relationship is on. Now I believe you have understood the aspects of how to attract women and also how to keep her with you. 

Don’t assume she likes you

Sometimes, your effort to woo a woman may not work well. Certain factors may dissuade her from getting close to you. This is natural and an expected result of any effort. However, the way you handle the situation will leave a lasting impression.

When you are ejected, take heart and take a hint. Do not resort to any move that could prove counterproductive. After all, egos get bruised all the time. She may not like you due to certain preset parameters. Maybe your hobbies are not congruent with hers or your style of thinking does not fit hers.

If you notice this, it’s good to politely end further communication. Bear no hard feelings. Give her time and respect her opinion. She may have had a series of failed relationships and needs time to initiate any new moves. Obviously, she is not comfortable divulging these to you. In case she had a bitter previous experience, your actions to this gesture may, in fact, draw her closer.

Move on. She may be engaged but have single friends who may like you. Further, in case you are in a club, there may be many other women eyeing you secretly but who you have not looked around to identify.

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