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Learning how to attract women

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There is a misconception amongst few men that to attract a woman you have good look and have a charismatic personality. If you do not have a good personality you cannot get a woman.

How is it then you find a beautiful blond in company of a crap looking guy more often than not. The simple reason is good look do not attract woman. 

How to attract a woman? This is such a frequently used question by some men. You may ask if looks do not attract a woman what else does.

For a woman the important aspect is not your looks but it can be some very significant aspects of your personality which in point of fact would attract her towards you. Here are few steps that would help you find out how to attract women. 

How to attract women? Whenever you are out there and have found a woman and you want to get her. Approach her; this is the most important step to start with.

Consider you never approached her and waiting for her to come to you than you have to keep waiting for life and she will never take a single step. Women always want men to take the first step. 

Let’s move the second step in how to attract women. Offer her some attention and then all of a sudden you divert your attention from her to any other woman. Pay no attention to her for a while.

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You may think that it is rude to do such a thing. Let me tell you that she now becomes desperate to seek your attention as you ignore her. She gets a message that she will not get your easily and try to approach you. 

Let’s move on to the next step of how to attract women. You should show a lot of confidence. Move around as if you are not seeking attention from any women. You should not show that you are in need of a woman desperately. 

Speak to women around but do not give much attention to them. When you keep this kind of mentality women feel that you are not desperate for women and believe me woman naturally gets attracted to guys like this. 

How to attract women? Do not put all your expectation in single woman. If you put your hope on a single woman you start giving complete attention on her. This may be a letdown for her as she may not be able to express herself out.

On the other hand have more than two options in your mind. In this way you don’t have to give complete attention to any one of them. 

It is not necessary that you should know how to attract women. If you have the ability of acting that would be enough. You should act as if you know how to attract women while approaching women.

This is always better than waiting until you know how to attract women before to approaching women. 

Bu it is always better for you to learn how to attract women and it’s a simple process just follow the steps mentioned above. 

Groom yourself

Body appearance is another important consideration while trying to woo a woman. Not only should your body language fit into her calibre but also be presentable to secure an audience. And women are quick at passing their judgments.

Your shoes and hair are the initial first impression they look at. Rough unkempt hair is an assertive no…no… Dirty shoes give a similar impression. So avoid bad impressions. Keep your hair clean, combed or shave well and oiled. Your shoes should also be polished or washed cleaned and tied well to help you skip the first hurdle on your way to attracting your dream lady.

Make sure you are clean and smell nice. Therefore, wear a cologne on your first date and chew some mint. Nothing puts off an eager woman more than a bad breath and a foul body smell. However, in so doing, exercise modesty. Your scent should be shouting all over the place. A strong scent could be allergic to others. Hence, apply a faint-smelling perfume for this purpose – only recognizable at a close distance.

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