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Pheromones a magnet that attracts Opposites

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All Animal including human produce an odorous chemical called the pheromones which actually changes the behavior of one animal towards another animal. 

This behavior in animals affected by the pheromones includes, getting attracted towards opposite sex, making your own territory, warning others of any danger and finding food. 

Since the pheromones are influential on other living being, they are commonly are used for communicating between each other and is one of the oldest form to communicate with each other. Pheromones are different from hormones. 

Hormones are produced inside the body and act as chemical messengers from one cell to other whereas pheromone produced smell which sends the message to other animals.

Pheromones are detected in almost all the living organism, which includes microorganisms, insects, mammals etc. Every animal has the ability to produce and detect the pheromone.

Most pheromones are specific to same species, which means human cannot detect the pheromones of other species and the other species do not get attracted to human pheromones. 

Pheromones are detected through the olfactory organs. We cannot smell the pheromones because most of them are odorless at least in humans.

Many researchers have found out that pheromone does affect the behavior of human as well. These can be proved by the fact that women synchronize their menstrual cycles on the presence of pheromones in other females. 

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It has also been proved that the presence of men pheromone around the women increases the fertile cycles of a women by increasing the levels of estrogen and delayed menopause. This concludes that women do react to male pheromones.

There are many website stores which sell human pheromones, specially the human sex pheromones. These pheromones are available in the form of liquids and can be easily found on internet. You can buy these liquid pheromones to add to your natural pheromones. 

Human sex pheromones are available as per the requirement. There are different pheromones for men and women. 

The human pheromones made synthetically and are added to colognes and perfumes. The pheromones are used as fragrances and are sprayed over your body or clothes to attract the opposite sex.

Usually the human pheromone stores sell the pheromones in their own bottles and a person can add it to their favorite perfume or cologne. 

Even now there are some people who thing that human pheromones do not really attract the opposite sex when used in the form of perfume or cologne.

They also feel that the human pheromones merely activates a natural male and female attraction and could not make a person feel more attracted than any other man of woman. 

And there is another group of people who think that by the use of synthetic human pheromones which are available in market does give that extra attention and actually feel attracted by the opposite sex. 

Whatever the people think but it is a known fact that human pheromones are in charge for creating the general appeal between men and women.

Internet websites who sell the human pheromones does gives an option for people to use it and see the results for themselves. 

Exercise well

This goes without saying. Women are attracted to physically fit males. You do not have to work out to achieve an Olympics athlete body frame for this purpose. However, you need to keep fit and exhibit some agility to fall prey to your potential sweetheart.

Obviously, a lazy disheveled man with protruding belly is not enticing as far as womenfolk is concerned. Imagine eying a slim, cute and well-sculptured female while you are portly figured. You will either be intimidated or she will outrightly frown at your overtures.

To avoid embarrassment in your seduction endeavor, take time to maintain physical fitness. There are many training regimens intended to cut your weight down, bulge your muscles and burn off your belly fat. At all, a good physique is not only attractive to women but also useful in the bedroom. You may need it there when your seduction techniques eventually lead you there.

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