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The Power of Pheromones to Attract Women

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Pheromones are known to seduce the opposite sex in a very subtle unconscious way. Pheromone companies vouch that just by spraying few drops of the magic pheromone potion every man would become irresistible and attract women rather easily. 

Pheromones are known to make a man popular and wanted among women. The easy way to attract and leave a woman wanting for more would be through pheromones. 

Pheromone sprays most naturally contain laboratory synthesized human pheromones. The laboratory synthesized quality pheromones vary for men and women.

Human male pheromones designed to attract women are known as androstenone and andrestenol. Female pheromones meant to attract men are called copulins and andrestenol. 

The general active strength of the male hormones used to attract women would be five to seven times the normal strength. Pheromones never fail to attract women for men as they are primarily chemical substances intended for that purpose. 

Pheromones are externally secreted by various insects and animals also. Human male pheromones attract women to men just like animals attract their mates for copulation. 

Pheromones attract women for men and there by endow them with a greater sex life. Pheromones have been known to mankind from about the beginning of nineteenth century.

Scientists and Biologists propound that the human vomeronasal organ (VNO) is retained evolutionarily in embryos to this day to process other chemical stimuli in humans apart from that of the olfactory system. 

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Hence pheromones need not be smelled to attract women to men and otherwise. Clinical studies with pheromones suggest that women can even alter their menstrual cycle by the effect of pheromones.

No wonder pheromones never fail to attract women to men. The term Pheromone was coined in the year nineteen thirty by Peter karlson and Martin Luscher. 

The word Pheromone was derived from the Greek word pherein and hormone. The word pherein stands to mean transfer and hormone to mean excite.

Animals use pheromones as chemical signals to find potential mates and promote sexual attraction. Recently a renowned otolaryngologist has confirmed the physical presence of vomeronasal organ as tiny openings in the nasal septum. 

The first pheromone was synthesized from female silkworm moths. The undying mystery of sexual attraction between men and women could very well be explained by pheromones.

For all men who desperately need to know how to attract a woman, pheromones are nature’s answer to your call. Pheromones can be ordered by pay pal or through credit card. 

Certain special brands of pheromones are potent in attracting women to men by alluring them with an aura of pleasure and sexual tension. Pheromone companies offer free shipping for domestic orders.

Men around the world can not only attract women but also dominate them with pheromone sprays. Latest findings propound that a multiple of gene sets may be involved in the workings of human pheromones. 

Different pheromones produce varied results in individuals; while a certain pheromone may attract a woman to a man the other might just induce a sense of calmness.

Thus many brands of pheromones are available to cater to individual needs. Pheromones can increase a man’s friends circle, make him socially popular, successful and attract women to him as well. 

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