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Use Human pheromones increase your self confidence

In a hurry to attract more woman?
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Pheromones are amazingly potent stuff. Many people do not know that Human Pheromones are the main cause for sexual attraction.

You got it right; there are human pheromones which actually attracts the opposite sex. These human pheromones are in your body emitted through sweat and body odor and makes the opposite sex attracted to you. 

Actually there are different kinds of human pheromones. One of them is simply the body odor of a person. Body odor usually does not smell bad. 

Researchers while studying the human pheromones asked participant to wear plain cloth without any cologne or perfume. Several women were asked to smell the cloth and most of them said that the cloth smell is good. 

Hence it is always the human pheromones in our body that attracts the opposite sex towards us then the cologne and perfume we use.

More often we cover up the human pheromones with other materialized odors and deodorants. This prevents the others from smelling the natural human pheromones emitted by our body. 

It has been found that during the menstruation period of a woman, she gives off much stronger pheromones then during the other times. Hence the woman is more attractive to a man during the menstruation time. In men also it is the same logic which applies.

When a man has worked out for a long time he has most human pheromones at that time and woman gets attracted to him at that time. 

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Human pheromones are really interesting because they are not so influential or even obvious odor. Pheromones are actually absorbed subconsciously by the opposite sex.

It is a proven fact that we do not smell the human pheromones so much to recognize what we smell. Basically we get attracted to opposite sex when they emit the human pheromones. 

Attempts have been made from many years to make perfumes and deodorants that smell like human pheromones.

Many of them have succeeded and the result is you can find many such products available in the market today. Interestingly the demand is also increasing by each passing day. 

The organ that is responsible for detecting pheromones in mammals is called the vomeronasal organ which is located behind the nostrils.

Androstenedione and estratetraenol are the synthesized human pheromones. When these human pheromones are applied on to the skin, studies have shown that radically increases the regularity of sexual behavior in the participants. 

Based on the above findings every average looking guy or girl will be excited. Hence to attract the members of opposite sex you do not have to be a playboy or a model just use the human pheromones based colognes or perfumes.

You don’t have to be a reserved and shy person anymore.

Using human pheromones based deodorants and perfumes you may become more sexually attractive, you will be approached more often, will be able to improve your business relationships, meet more people anytime and eventually increase your self confidence. 

You can use the human pheromones and attract the man or woman of your liking just like magic.

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