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Cologne Pheromones – Are Your Expectations Failing?

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Science has discovered miracles and one such miracle is the discovery of sex pheromones which has an intense result on the human subconscious. However, there are few of us who rely unrealistically on them and have high expectations. When these expectations are not met, our expectations fail.

Be realistic, don’t have unrealistic expectations

There are many companies in the market who are selling pheromone perfume or cologne with the guarantee that men just have to to spray it on their body and would find women falling for them. Infact, there are some other companies which state that their pheromone cologne will spark intimacy with females at once.

All these expectations are unrealistic. In reality, a man should be reasonable to expect more women to notice him, smile at him, look into his eyes and stand nearer to him.

Men can also be reasonable enough to start a casual conversation with women and could expect the same from them. Through this, he can anticipate a flirtatious and livelier interaction.

More so, a guy can expect a high feel of self-confidence and admiration from others which would enhance opportunity to date and maybe even sex!

Hence, the primary step is to have realistic expectations and not to hold unrealistic expectations.

Concentration of pheromones used in colognes

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Second reason which results in low effectiveness from pheromone cologne as noticed by some men is due to the presence of low concentrations of pheromone.

The perfect concentration pheromone level which is required for triggering the subconscious in women should be at least 17 milligrams in a bottle. However, a bottle of pheromone cologne found in the market generally has 4-10 milligrams of active pheromones. This level is not enough to arouse the subconscious of a female and this is why several pheromone methods fail to work.

Learn how to correspond with women

Another reason why some men get reduced results from pheromone perfumes and colognes is because they do not know the proper way of corresponding with women. This is one of the most important criteria for triggering a women’s interest in men.

You might be wearing the most concentrated and the best pheromone formula but nothing is going to work for you if you are not able to converse well with females.

If a male acts disadvantaged then it displays that he is person who cares in excess for the outcome and that he lacks confidence. These features never attract a female and it is quite obvious that such a male would never gain the interest of any women.

The pheromones might be sending signals to his subconscious to act accordingly but his conscious actions are overpowering those signals.

A person with fine social skills is bound to arouse a woman’s attention on a conscious stage while the pheromones activate and support her attraction on an intuitive level. Both these factors support each other’s effect and significantly enhance positive results.

Most pheromone cologne in the market also has a guide for free and which will help in enhancing your skills of dealing with women.

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