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Can Pheromones Be Used As A Secret Weapon In Dating?

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Mother Nature has several tools to ensure survival of many species and one of the tools is Pheromones. Since their discovery by the Chemical Senses Centre in 1986 at Philadelphia, a wide series of research and products has followed. Human Pheromones are high individualized and are always unnoticeable.

A New study was conducted to check, if they really work by ABC’s 20/20.It was conducted on a sets of identical female and male twins for a highly speed-dating event. One twin in each of the set got a scent that contained pheromones. These set of twins were not made aware of who had what and went for 10 dates, each one lasting 5 minutes.

Once the dating sessions was completed, the daters completed forms which stated whom they would want to date again. It was observed that out of 10 men, 9 men wanted to date with Sarah and 5 men wanted to date Bridget. As for males, all the 10 women wanted to date with Dave and six females wanted to see Paul.

It was revealed that Dave and Sarah were wearing Pheromones.

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Thus, it was proved that odorless pheromones are synthesized and marketed in the form of sprays and scents to consumers to enhance sexual attractiveness. This study also wondered whether these perfume additives boost older women as women in 40s would not excrete similar level of pheromones as they used to be when they were during their 20s or 30s.

Winifred Cutler, a leading pheromone Biologist and also owner of Athena Institute, who makes and sells pheromone products, reported that by adding pheromones to their sprays or perfumes can kick back and restore what they might have lost.

In order to prove this, “20/20” asked Lisa Ann and Kathleen who were single and in 40s were asked to wear pheromones daily for three months. After few months, it was learnt that they had increase in dates and sex appeal.

So, if you are looking to seduce your opposite sex with irresistible scent of attraction, then you are welcome to the world of pheromones. During your Dates, you would like to feel more alluring, irresistible and attractive to others. This can be easily done by using pheromones colognes and perfumes to drive them wild in favor of you.

The benefits of wearing them include the following:

  • Increased Attention
  • Increased Arousal, Confidence and Affection
  • Increased Sexual Intimacy
  • Increased Flirtation, Eye Contact and Attention from opposite sex

They are substitute for strong sexual aphrodisiacs due to their effectiveness around others. As Men and women would like to feel more attractive during their dates for a better relationship and future, you can enhance them by using pheromones to produce optimal results. This unique method would also bring vitality and confidence for any romantic or intimate situation.

Best pheromones have proved to magnetically attract with your opposite sex in most alluring ways. As people would like to feel more desirable and attractive in their lives, It would be no wonder why pheromones are sure way to receive attention and response needed from others. So, Hook the individual of your dreams now using pheromones!

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