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Do Human Pheromones Exist And Does They Really Work?

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What makes people attract towards each other? Big muscles? Nice Personality? Sense of humor? Recent studies reveal that sexual attraction is caused due to pheromones which are air borne chemicals and odorless molecules. They are emitted by an individual which causes physiological and/or behavioral changes in another individual.

Pheromones were first discovered in Animal world. However their role in Human lives is a subject of debate. As they are undetectable by human’s sense of smell, researchers reported that pheromones receptor or sensor are located inside the mouth and nose called vomeronasal organ (VNO) that is a division of Olfactory System.

This theory produced much speculation as it was occasionally found in adult humans and was believed to transpire as vestigial. Nevertheless, a study was performed on noses of 100 adults in 1985 and concluded that 70% of them were found to have VNO in their septum. Genetic research has also proved that VNO is present in Olfactory System which acts as a sensor or receptor of Pheromones.

Researchers in the past have found scientific evidence that humans has the ability or potential to communicate using unidentified parts in Olfactory system to opposite sex via pheromone by utilizing VNO and other six senses. It was also observed that women who live together develop menstrual cycles in synchronal.

During this study, the researchers used gauze pads and placed them under the women’s armpits, as pheromones in armpits is supposed to be secreted by sweat. It was conducted on nine women during their menstrual cycle phase who used the pads for eight hours. They were then placed under twenty other women’s noses.

These women experienced shortening of their menstrual cycles. This suggested that chemicals released can accelerate or shorten menstrual cycles that influence the release of eggs. This study revealed the presence of pheromones which moderate sexual requirements.

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Thus, it is proved by experiments and explanations that presence of chemicals such as pheromones exists and cause non-conscious behavioral changes. When you apply them as a spray to your skin, you can speed by the process of attraction. Now the doubt arises as to how do they work?

Pheromones boost your self-confidence and other sex would automatically pay attention and you would have high rates of success while interacting with them. Individual with VNO release odorless chemicals compounds to other sex.

As this chemical compound or pheromones reach the VNO which is present in the base of nasal activity, it emits neuronal signals through nerve fibers or axons to Accessory Olfactory Bulb (AOB).

The AOB then sorts these signals and send to two different parts of your brain: the hypothalamus which is responsible for metabolic processes and hormone release, or the amygdale which is responsible for emotional reactions and memory.

Once theses signal reach either of theses parts of the brain, the body would respond to them based on the sent chemical compound, thus adjusting physical, emotional and metabolic response subconsciously in the body.

Thus, research has proved the existence of pheromones. They are chemical signals that are communicated between individuals and are linked to sexual behavior responses. However, there is much left to be discovered and studied to understand about Human pheromones.

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