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Pheromones Reveals The Science Of Attraction

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Pheromones are known as chemical signals that are released by organism to influence the physical behavior of other. As communication among living cells is chemical in nature, a chemical substance is produced from one cell to another where they bind within its interiors or with protein receptors of the cell membrane.

They start a series of transduction mechanism to elicit a response. The chemical substances that travel between cells within an organism are termed as neurotransmitters, hormones or neuromodulators. So in this way, pheromones are chemicals, carried between organisms of same species. The receiving organism’s response is a change in their physiology or behavior.

They are involved in mating behavior between females and males where the chemicals serves like an attractant in one of the individuals. As we are aware that sense of smelling is significant to send messages to brain, the receptors that picks up the smell, are connected to limbic system which is an area of our brain that controls behaviors and emotions.

If research has proved that human produce pheromones, the possible source is their underarm sweat glands as it is that place where the body secretes chemicals. The Bacteria present on the skin breaks the chemical compounds to molecules to produce specific “odor”. They need to be inhaled so as to travel from the nose to limbic area of the brain to become effective.

Pheromone researches indicate that they work in two different ways. Males and females can discriminate the odors either from same sex or from opposite sex differently. Thus, intensifying your pheromone levels, they broadcast sexual signals in a wider manner.

The second effect in usage of pheromones is on those who apply them. The individual who wears it is instructed to apply the scent not only on pulse points but also on upper lip to make sure that the chemical is inhaled. This makes the individual aware of their attractiveness, allowing them to cast a high sense of approachability.

This combination of chemical odors making an individual, attractive and welcoming a sense of approachability and confidence is the principle for sexual magnetism.

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The females nearly produce pheromones that act as sex attractants. However, males produce them that act as aphrodisiacs. Pheromones are involved during mating even though they do not meet. Several marine creatures like oysters and sea urchins release sperm and eggs in the water.

This process is called as spawning. Pheromones present in such secretions induce other individuals of same species to concurrently release their sperm or eggs, thereby increasing the possibility that external fertilization occurs. The effects of them include the following:

  • Attraction: The scents of pheromones are used as a means of attraction. Whether you are men or women, you can wear them and expect increased attention, flirting and sexual response.
  • Popularity: If you are an introvert, pheromone products help you ease social situations and make you feel confident.
  • Trust: Pheromones help your relationship make better as it increases attention and affection with your opposite sex.

Thus, pheromones don't work directly. However they can modulate on how we feel and also influence our moods. They can be only sensed and not verbalized or recognized. It’s all subliminal.

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