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Pheromone Perfumes - The Key To Attraction

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Humans have five senses, out of which olfactory sense, i.e. sense to smell is an important part of our body. Pheromone affects our brain through olfactory sense.

Pheromone is a chemical factor secreted by humans and insects, which triggers a common type of response in same species.

Pheromones can be classified in following types:

  • Non human pheromones:

These are secreted by insects such as bees, ants, mites etc. to inform a particular situation in their colony, or to attract a mating partner.

  • Human pheromones:

Human Pheromone is basically a scent, which our body produces to attract opposite sex.

Every one of us can produce this scent, as our sweat contains pheromones.

How does pheromone works?

Pheromone produces a subliminal or hidden type of sexual attraction through its smell. The person does not actually know, what is happening, but gets attracted to the opposite sex.

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This chemical odor triggers a part of our brain, which is responsible for sexual attraction. It also produces a strong attentive nature for the person who produces this scent.

A test on animals has proved that, female chose those male partners who produced more pheromone than others.

Pheromones are also called sex magnets, due to their property of attraction.

Male pheromones:

Androsterone is male human pheromone, used to attract women. Naturally, male pheromone is present in sweat. Nowadays, it is been artificially produced and mixed with perfumes, this mixture is known as pheromone perfumes.

Female pheromones:

Attracting men is much easier than attracting women. Andosterol is the female pheromone used to attract men. Female pheromone is found naturally in female sweat.

When a man smells female pheromone, he becomes more attracted, sensitive, and receptive to that woman. Pheromone perfumes produce a mysterious chemistry between two people, and hence, it is responsible for attraction of opposite sex.

Pheromones can be used bare or it can be mixed with other perfumes.

Pheromone perfumes not only attract the opposite sex but also increase self confidence and sex appeal. It also creates a good impression in business meetings, and hence it is used commonly by business people.

Pheromones are responsible for our aura also, scientists have found that a person with more pheromone attracted more people and was full with charisma.


Pheromones are secreted both by insects as well as humans.

Pheromones are produced naturally by our body, in sweat. Person who secretes more pheromone looks more attractive to us than others. If someone lacks the art of attracting the opposite sex, for them, pheromone perfumes are available in market.

These perfumes can help you achieving self confidence, charisma, and a great aura around you. This can become a secret of your mysterious relationships and in handling your business relationships.

Pheromone produces a subconscious type of attraction in opposite sex. This feeling is found as a mysterious relationship between two people. Nowadays, many brands have added pheromones in their perfumes.

Pheromones are usually used by business people to improve their business relationship, and also to impress their clients in first meeting.

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