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Pheromone Oils – The Attraction Key

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Pheromone can be described as a hormone, or a chemical factor, which produces a particular type of effect in same species.

Pheromones are secreted by ants, bees, mites, humans and many other organisms. Insects secrete these pheromones to communicate among them, but for humans pheromone act as a medium to attract the opposite sex.

Human pheromones are of four types:


It is the male pheromone hormone. It has the property to attract women. This pheromone projects a powerful and dominant type of aura around us, and it has a sharp and strong smell.


It is the female pheromone. It has the property to attract men. Attracting men is easier than attracting women. This pheromone projects a friendly aura around us.


This hormone is secreted by both males and females, but females have this hormone in more quantities.

It projects an aura of closeness and feeling of care around us.


Smell of this pheromone increases the amount of testosterone in males.

How does pheromone works?

Pheromones are secreted in our sweat. They produce a subliminal or an unconscious type of attraction and sedation towards the opposite sex.

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We inhale the smell of pheromone oil, which stimulates the olfactory system, and hence increases the production of sex hormones in our body.

This results in attraction and seduction towards the person, who has applied pheromone oil.

This has been proved on animals that this oil really works. The female monkey preferred those male partners, who were applied pheromone oil.

Nowadays, many perfumes companies have started adding pheromone oils in their products and their

Side effects are as follows:

  • Irritation of skin
  • Inflammation on applied portion of skin
  • Itching

If these symptoms arise, then one should stop using it.


Pheromones are secreted by many species, in this world. Knowingly or unknowingly it is important for us, as it produces an aura, which describes our social behavior to the people around us.

Pheromone oil is also known for its property of arising self confidence, maturity and emotions in a person, who applies it. Thus, it is used mainly by the business group people, who want to impress their clients in first meeting. This helps them to improve their business relationships.


If you don’t seem attractive to others, here is the solution for it. What you need to do, is just apply pheromone oil with your perfume. Attraction, seduction, self confidence, charisma, emotions and maturity are guaranteed.

It is widely used nowadays, by many people including normal population, to impress a person of opposite sex. Business people apply it frequently to improve their business relationships, and also to improve their first impression on their clients. These oils can be applied bare or with a perfume.

It produces an unconscious type of attraction towards the person, who has applied it. It’s a hidden type of seduction one feels after the olfactory sense is stimulated. It can be the reason of chemistry in your relationship.

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