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Role Of Human Pheromones In Physical Life

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Human Pheromones are airborne chemical signals that are released to the environment from individual human being, which affect the physiology or behavior of the other human beings. Humans have the potential to communicate pheromonally. In humans, pheromones play a vital role by modulating the timing of ovulation by changing the frequency of pulsatile luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion.

Human Responses to Pheromones

Pheromone production in humans will get activated when an individual becomes physiologically capable of reproduction. So, after reaching puberty, most people get attracted to the opposite sex. Human pheromones are the reason for this feel of attraction. In human beings, pheromones are highly individualized and it is noticed only when their body odor is turned on.

Odors Fulfill The Classical Definition Of Pheromones

In human beings, scent glands play a larger and active role in human pheromone production. There are 36 types of sebaceous glands alone in humans. Getting the attention of opposite sex is through our nose, an olfactory part at the top of the nose feeds the smell directly in to the old brain limbic system where the emotions, sexual responses and body languages get initiated. This is the way how odors evoke powerful basic instinctual emotions.

Pheromones Regulate Ovulation

Under specific conditions, women live together can develop synchronized menstrual cycles. There are two functionally different ovarian-dependent human pheromones with opposite effects. They are phase-advance pheromone and phase-delay pheromone, which support the couple oscillator model of menstrual synchrony.

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Odorless compounds taken from women in the late follicular phase of their menstrual cycles accelerate the pre-ovulatory surge of luteinizing hormone of the recipient women and shorten their menstrual cycle. Axillary or underarm compounds taken from women at the time of ovulation have the opposite effect by delaying the LH hormone and also it lengthens menstrual cycles. This specifies the mechanism of pheromones.

Different Kinds Of Pheromones

  • Pheromone androstenone: Identified in sweat and urine of men, which is presumed to be a sexual stimulant for women, mainly from day one or two and during ovulation time.
  • Copulins: When there is presence of copulin in breathing air, men rate women as a desirable partner. The result will reverse when there is no copulin in the breathing air of men.
  • The above studies indicate the effect of human pheromones.

Likelihood Of Human Pheromones

Axilla is a unique source of human odor. The chemical compounds produced by axilla may function as pheromones. Vomeronasal organ (VNO), a putative human pheromone receptor organ, is functional in humans. Pheromones are invisible chemical messengers or they are acting in our body in the form of messengers and they are detected by an organ called vomeronasal organ. We can describe it as a sixth sense to communicate unspoken messages with others.

The Magic Of Attraction

Overall, human pheromones can be detected with a magical power, which is loaded in air like secret messages, which we cannot see or hear. They are the natural sexual attractants, which help opposite sex to attract.

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