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Win Your Love With Pheromone Perfume

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Perfume nowadays, has become a fashion. It is being identified as a daily need especially when you go out. Be it an office, a party or even a marriage we cannot expect ourselves without a perfume. It contains a scent which may be a natural or a synthetic source. It is a mix of different chemicals and oils. There are a wide range of perfumes available in the market. The most important perfume attracting the consumers is the pheromone perfume.

How to attract others?

How many of you are aware that there is a perfume to attract your loved ones? Let us know the secret.

There are some odorless chemicals which are secreted by our body. These chemicals, known as pheromones form the main ingredient in a pheromone perfume. With the increased awareness through internet, many people are now finding products which contain pheromone to draw the attention of their loved ones.

Types of pheromones:

It was in 1956 that the pheromones were first detected in animals by some German researchers. In 1998 some Chicago researchers evidenced the presence of pheromones in humans too. The pheromone which is secreted by male is called androstenone and the pheromone secreted by female is called androstenol. One can look for these names while approaching to buy a pheromone perfume. These secretions when detected by the opposite sex get attracted towards each other.

Copulins is another group of female pheromone which is secreted at the time of ovulation in vagina of women. This secretion causes testosterone levels to increase in men and thus attracts them to copulate with the female. Pheromone perfume increases the attraction between two people. It brings them closer, resulting in increase of dates, increase of intercourse and increase of loving gestures.

Other types of pheromones are:

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  • Aggregation
  • Alarm
  • Epideictic
  • Releaser
  • Signal
  • Primer
  • Territorial
  • Trail
  • Information
  • Sex

Each pheromone performs a specific function. There are some other pheromones which are divided basing on the effects on behavior. They are royal, calming, nasonov and necromones. Pheromone perfume produces the effects of euphoria, attraction, sexual appeal and intimacy when detected from others.

How to prepare a perfume at house:

Human pheromones definitely work but the fact is you should choose the best formula with a right concentration. Many couples are also found using these perfumes to enjoy their life much better. You can create your own pheromone perfume if the outlets sound too expensive. Follow the steps below to get your home made perfume:

  • Buy a bottle of human pheromones which are odorless. Buy a male pheromone if you are a male and vice-versa.
  • Buy a normal perfume for the purpose of mixing the pheromones.
  • Take another bottle and mix the normal perfume and 2 droplets of pheromones.
  • Close the bottle and it is always suggested to store in a cool and dark area for at least 2 weeks
  • You can now spray it on your dress or skin to make sure the fragrance of love last longer.

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