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Pheromones For Women Drive Men Crazy

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It is not just men who need to worry about attracting women towards them, women are equally concerned about attracting men towards them. This is so much evident from the many industries related to the business of looking good that are thriving eternally. And thus pheromones for women are as much essential as much they are for men.

Need for Pheromones for women

Where do pheromones come into the picture? Pheromones are the natural chemical odors that are secreted by women at the peak of their reproductive cycle, to communicate their liking and attraction towards men. These natural chemicals are mixed with different fragrances and sold as pheromones for women by different companies.

Looking at how easily men get attracted towards women, one would assume that women must be secreting much higher quantities of pheromones. However that is not the case. The quantity of pheromones secreted by women also takes a nose dive with every passing year. So this is where pheromones for women come into the picture to keep their attractiveness to men alive for the longest time.

Types of Women Pheromones

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Women mostly produce the androstenol pheromone and the copulins pheromone. This is produced in maximum quantity at the height of the fertile stage of the female reproductive cycle. Any hormonal imbalance or menopause can disrupt the production of pheromones in women.

Effects of Pheromones for women

Over the years, many researches and experiments have proven pheromones for women to be extremely effective in attracting men towards them. A large number of women across the globe have experimented and experienced themselves the magical effects of the pheromones, and how they bring about a transformation in their love lives. Some of the benefits they experience are a heightened sexual attraction from men, more dates, smooth communication and of course a magical experience in bed with their partners.

How do they Work

Men get attracted towards women because through their nose, the women’s human pheromones stimulate the hypothalamus which is located in the centre of the brain which is centre of human emotions, desire and sexual attraction. In the modern world, due to many environmental factors like pollution and decreased sensitivity to natural pheromones secretion, the pheromones for women can heighten that lost sensitivity and have women attract more men towards them, ever so easily. The female pheromones cannot be detected, they are invisible. When they are unknowingly inhaled by men, they naturally get attracted towards women wearing them, due to a chemical signal sent to their mind by the pheromones.

The evolution of the modern world has had its harmful effect on women’s natural ability to produce enough pheromones to have a desirable effect on men. The use of artificial chemicals like deodorants often destroys women’s natural phenomenon of producing pheromones. Without realizing this, the modern woman is destroying her natural pheromone attractants, which is the very science that helps women attract men towards them. So in this scenario, pheromones for women are but a necessity.

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