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Pheromones Attraction In Homo Sapiens

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Studies have revealed the fact that, Homo sapiens are extremely talented in “sniffing out” the compatible partners. It has also been proved that the bode deodorants or perfumes play a vital role in deciding whether the other person is attractive or not.

There is a tight bond between the pheromones and the sexual attraction. If someone is not aware of the Pheromones Attraction, then for sure it must be understood by them that they do play a significant effect on the behavior of an individual.

Generally, pheromones are the substances which are released by the animals to enable the communication between them. They are used by the animals to attract their partners for sexual pleasure as well as constructing territories in order to avoid unnecessary fights between them.

It is also a well known fact that humans do emit some fraction of these pheromones. However, these effects are rarely seen because we have the strong tendency to make them overshadow with the artificial scents. Some males have the stronger power to emit pheromones than others; hence quite often others are able to attract the hottest women, although the person himself is not very attractive and charming.

There are various aspects that go in your body to attract the others towards you. Like there is a law in electromagnetism that two opposite charges attract each, similarly there is the Pheromones Attraction which is the cause of attraction between two human beings.

The scientists believe that pheromones are responsible for the attraction between the living beings. The more an individual emits the pheromones, the more Pheromones Attraction he/she possesses. This type of attraction is found in the large fraction in the animals.

Chemistry of Pheromones Attraction

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Scientists have proved the theory that Pheromones are sensed through Vomeronasal organ which is present in our nose. The nasal organs which are found near the starting point of our nose respond strongly to the Pheromones Attraction; in fact this is the point where the Vomeronasal organs are found.

The pheromones then travel throughout the nose and reach out the brains, which produce out the necessary reactions, due to the emotional responses. The pheromones are then detected by the brain and produce the desire of sexual response.

You cannot touch the scent, but still you can feel its presence. You cannot see it but yet, it lingers around you, likewise is the case of attraction caused by Pheromones. The power of such attraction is truly undeniable.

Skin Pheromones Attraction and Bonding

Pheromones are characterized as the natural attractants for the sexual desire. The users of pheromones can experience the following effects:

  • Enhancement in the frequency of dates
  • Increase in the duration of sleeping with your partner
  • Increase in the level of sexual intercourse
  • Enhanced frequency of foreplay, and
  • Increase in the amount of emotions in favor of your sexual partner.

As a consequence of Pheromones Attraction, the couples act like the crazy cats prepare to pounce at each other.

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