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Alone Pheromone Perfumes Cannot Be Your Magic Wand Of Attraction

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As many people imagine all wonderful things about pheromone perfumes and its experiences. They try these products with high expectations and to some extent these expectations are met and some times not. It is very important to have a realistic view about pheromones and its products.

Definition of Pheromones

Pheromones are the natural chemical substances released into the environment from the animals, humans or insects affecting the behavior of others of its own species. Every living being sends it through their perspiration

Pheromone perfumes are the man made product which mixes the scent of perfume with the effects of pheromones. There are different perfumes available for man and woman. They are used to attract the opposite sex. It is sensible to place pheromone perfumes on the places where normal perfumes are put like behind the ears, chest, wrist, and throat and arm pit.

When sprayed on the body it lost longer than the normal cologne does. When put on the cloth, it lost for weeks until it is washed.

These perfumes can be put on the body or on clothing. Both will work just fine. The body sweat, heat and bacteria wash away the effectiveness but gives faster effect of the spray.

Recently the craze for pheromone perfumes is increasing and more and more men and women are using to arouse sexual interest from the opposite sex they desire. There fore the focus is shifting from improving appearance and enhancing fitness level to simply using perfumes with pheromones.

Pheromone perfumes are not magic bullets or miracle that changes the chemistry of relationship over night. They can just enhance what is already there. It can turn an interest into an attraction.

It can boost the intimacy in a good relationship.

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Pheromones don’t change people’s preferences and tastes. If somebody prefers to have a tall, dark, handsome gay or a blond girl as their partner, that equation can not be reversed with pheromones. Environment also plays very important role as our reactions have been conditioned as per the environment we are in. As per the studies and recent scientific research, sexual attraction because of pheromones is well documented in animals. We have very little proven facts about its role in humans.

What actually the pheromone perfumes can do for you?

People will feel more relaxed with you.

People will be waiting to listen to you.

People will feel like talking to you.

People will give the feeling of being healthy and fit.

People look more attractive than usually they are.

People like to bond with you at higher level without understanding the reason behind it.

Underlying truth is we need to change as a person, change our outlook about relation ships, and improve the way we communicate with people. With all these changes, pheromone perfumes can become a magic wand to attract your potential mate. Be careful about the advertisements which simply give wrong impression about pheromones. Be sure about the products before spending your money on them.

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