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Pheromones For Men - Attracting Women Was Never So Easy

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Pheromones Comparison Table


Man is a social animal and like other social animals is bound by desires to mate with the opposite sex. Just like other species in the world, men and women come together depending on several parameters. There are several things that attract the members of the opposite sex. The best looking guy attracts the most good looking females and vice versa.

Men have become more fashion conscious in the last decade. They have left no stone unturned while attracting the opposite sex. Right from dressing to alteration in behavior is witnessed when men try to attract women. The dating scenario is very intense. Men and Women check for several parameters which might decide the compatibility levels between them.

Scientists have discovered that it is a particular smell that subconsciously attracts the members of the opposite sex. These particles are called pheromones. Pheromones are used by a variety of animals and insects to attract potential mates. This ensures that their genealogy is continued after them.

The same applies for man. Artificial pheromones for men are available which increase the chances of attracting potential mates.

Pheromones and Sexual Attraction

Pheromones are directly linked to sexual attraction. Pheromones work on a sub conscious level. Unknowingly it helps in attracting the potential member of the opposite sex. Not many of us have attractive body and the natural intelligence to woo the opposite sex.

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Many of us will have normal looking body. Very few have a 17 inch biceps and six pack abs. This does not mean that there is no scope for others to go on a date and fall in love. However absence of physical beauty leads to low confidence and self esteem. Pheromones for men help by releasing chemicals in the air that make the women more receptive to sexual advances of men. Pheromones for men help in increasing the sexual attraction.

Androstenone Pheromone for Men

Pheromones for men mostly come in form of cologne. When a man sprays this cologne and meets a female, the pheromone particles in the cologne are released in the air. This creates a favorable and conducive atmosphere where both men and women can interact and choose their partners. Most of the male pheromones contain Androstonone in them. Androstonone creates a contributing environment between them. It sends out several signals to the brain of the opposite sex that the man is available for mating. This pheromone sends the message that the man is sexually available.

Advantages of Pheromones for men

Pheromones for men helps individuals to be perceived as better looking, especially in the minds of the opposite sex. A man cannot simply go down the road and expect to pick his potential mate just like that. It takes a lot more than that. The use of pheromones tells that the person is sexually available and he is attractive, confident and has high status in the society. Success of men is directly linked to use of pheromones.

Pheromones - do they really work

In modern society consumerism drives the way people perceive each other. Constant advertisements for various retail products shape the way people think about beauty, sensuality and sexuality. With pressure from the society to mate, pheromones are a tool to help people find the love of their life.

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