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Understand About The Production Of Natural Pheromones

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Like many other animals human body also produces some sorts of chemicals. There are various significances of each chemical such as for self defense or for attracting the opposite sex. In the similar list the natural pheromones are most important kind of scent secreted by the sweat glands. This odorless chemical will be detected by the opposite sex and the same will processed in the brain for the sexual suitability.

Even though the sweat glands secret the odor from many parts the body, but armpits are said to be the strongest source. Many of the chemicals which are secreted by various glands in the area create airborne substances as well. Out of these substances some create a person’s distinct scent and some will be odorless. According to some research the release of chemicals in women have the ability to alter ovulation in other women and even in themselves.

Some researches even show that we, the human beings have lost the ability to produce enough natural pheromones which could help us in making sexually attractive. As per some of the astonishing reports we have lost the abilities to produce these pheromones naturally because of the excess usage of the antiperspirants and deodorants. As a result of this there are many types of pheromone products being sold in the market.

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Experts suggest that instead of using the artificial or man made products that could help us in increasing the pheromone levels; we can adopt some of the natural methods to achieve the same. One of the best ways to enhance the pheromone level is to eat plenty of food items which are rich in Zinc. The list of high zinc food includes pumpkin seeds, nuts and avocados.

If you think that eating of the above mentioned food items is a big task then another alternative is to consume the zinc supplement on a daily basis. As a result of which there will be an increase in the testosterone levels and this in turn helps in producing more natural pheromones. Apart from the supplements you can also start eating fresh vegetables with high zinc contents, fresh fruits and cut down the fatty and processed food items to boost the pheromone levels.

Even though there are many numbers of alternatives you can select the regular exercises as one of the best alternatives. According to some researches regular exercises could help you in increasing the natural pheromones levels. The logic is simple when you perform the exercises it leads to the inhale of more quantity of oxygen in to your blood cells. The intake of fresh oxygen helps in flushing out of toxins from your body.

As your body starts flushing out more number of toxins there will be a sweating process which helps in circulation of natural pheromones around the body. As a result of this process the skin pores will be opened and your body starts secreting more pheromones. Some sorts of perfume sprays also help in increasing the pheromone levels, you need to select the perfumes that contain natural scents. This will increase positive energy and hormone production in your body.

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