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The Various Pheromones For Men

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Pheromones Comparison Table


Human beings always seem to have a soft corner for someone of the opposite gender. In the case of men they always seek for attention form women, either as a friend or as their life partner.

There are many factors which play an important role in attracting men towards women, like their personality, looks, sense of humor etc.

Other than the physical factors which men can always build up and work upon, there are certain biological factors, called hormones, which attract women towards men naturally.

Pheromone is one such hormone which is secreted by the endocrine gland in human beings. A pheromone is a chemical substance which has the tendency to affect the behavior and decisions of the opposite sex.

The human pheromone in males is Androstenone which is found in male sweat. When this pheromone is detected by the females it arouses a sexual feeling within them and this is the reason why women get attracted towards men.

Today, the pheromone for men products, available in stores enhances the attraction power, such as pheromone perfumes, pheromone oils, pheromone concentrates and pheromone cologne. The pheromone for men products are being extensively used to attract women.

Pheromone perfumes are perfumes which have pheromones embedded within them. They are either applied directly or diluted with another perfume and then applied on the skin or on clothes. There are scented as well as unscented perfumes available.

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Pheromones can also be used to make pheromone oil which can be directly applied on the skin. If the concentration of pheromone in the oil is high then they are diluted with other pheromone perfumes and then applied. Like perfumes even oils have a scented and unscented version. They are also available as a roll-on, as a spray and as a gel.

Pheromone concentrates are one of the most effective ways of attracting women. As the name suggests these products contain genetically synthesized pheromones which are embedded within an oil base. They are mixed with other perfumes and then applied on the skin or on clothes. Pheromone concentrates is oil based product and not an alcohol based product like perfumes because alcohol would kill the pheromones instantly.

Pheromone colognes are similar to pheromone perfumes. The main difference between both of them is in their concentrations. Pheromone colognes have lesser concentration of pheromones when compared to perfumes. The other difference between the two is in their price. Pheromone colognes use lesser concentrations of pheromone hence they come at a much cheaper rate than their corresponding perfumes.

The men who have used pheromone for men products find themselves to be more confident and are approached more often by women.

Men, who used to have tough times to even be around women, find it a lot easier to initiate a conversation with the use of these products.

There are many shops which sell the pheromone for men products. There are also many websites that sell these products online at a much discounted rate when compared to the what you might get at an retail store.

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