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Pheromones Attraction Potential Player In Your Lovemaking

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The natural chemical scents that are produced by the body are called as pheromones. These scents are known to attract others by inducing pheromones attraction, especially in the opposite sex. These can be found in bodily fluids like sweat, saliva and tears. Animals and insects release pheromones in massive amounts as biological chemicals.

Function of Pheromones in Animals

Animals use these attractants not only for attracting other females, but also for various other purposes. These scents can be detected across long distances and in some cases replaces verbal communication. Animals mostly are very territorial, whether it is wild or domestic, and they release body fluids in order to mark their space and keep away the rivals.

Do humans really secrete this chemical for attraction or for some other reason?

Scientifically, this has not been confirmed, but many studies suggest that pheromones attraction exists, but our ability to use those remains uncertain. Studies indicate that the opposite sex may react to sweat, known to be a less attractive body odor, subconsciously. Others recommend using perfumes that contain pheromones in it in order to appeal to the other person.

Many people are still in doubt if the perfumes and colognes give the same effects as the natural odors. When it comes to pheromones attraction, nothing is more effective than human sweat. When a male sweats, he releases a hormone called Androstenone and unconsciously, women are attracted to it.

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Pheromones Can Stimulate Sexual Desire

You must have come across some people who tend to attract more women than others or getting intimate just after one meeting. This sensuous attraction towards the opposite sex maybe in part due to pheromones attraction.

A study indicates that men who used pheromones had more frequency of going on dates, affectionate feelings, sleeping together more with a romantic partner, and increased chances of sexual activity.

Natural scents can have a powerful impact on romance. The scent of a partner can remain in the memory for a long time even after the romance between them is gone. The effect is so much that even after some years if you happen to meet that person, you can recall the smell of the scent and the fond memories that you had together.

Elusive but very Effective

If you are on the look out of a man or a woman that you dream of, pheromones attraction will certainly play a very major role. Our body odors can be sensed as pleasing and sexy by some selective individuals. They may smell good to one whose resistance to disease largely differs from our own. In such a case, it may benefit the couple in having a stronger and healthier child.

Commercial pheromones can also give you similar effect as the natural scents. Majority of the people tested on using pheromones had an increased frequency of kissing, foreplay, and sexual activity. The outcomes of pheromones on the human race are very much hidden, but yet is a very powerful sexual attractant.

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