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Pheromones Of Men - Pheromone Chemistry Set

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It is the tendency of human beings that no one can stay alone. Everybody needs partner. This is something accepted by even God too. That is the reason, God has made human body like this to feel a need of someone at a particular age and for the purpose to get the need fulfilled, even our body give some signals. These signals are nothing but called pheromones.

Pheromones are hormonal chemicals released by our body when we are in search of a potential mate. Many researches have been done on pheromones of men and women and there have been found amazing results about this.

Studies have proved that pheromones make a man flirt more, wish to date with females very often more confidently and get a big success to attract females towards him.

Let's have a look at some of the pheromones of men perfumes available in the market:


Alpha-7 is a virile pheromone-filled perfume. Needs only 2-3 drops to attract the women. It lasts for approximately 6 hours. It is found that Alpha-7 fade away within 2 hours after using it.

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The performance of Alpha-7 is quite good. Women become very receptive after getting a small whiff of the fantabulous fragrance of this perfume. It has manlike fragrance that make other person feel very fresh. It has a capability to attract women of all ages.

Attractant 1000

Another pheromone of men perfume is Attractant 1000 claims to impress the women immediately. It fillips your confidence and you can become a dream king of any beauty queen very easily. It helps men to attract the women of their choice.

There are multiple brands of pheromone of men products being introduced everyday in the market and some of them work wonderfully while some of them incline to be ineffective in performing their job. Some people don't feel to try outside products and wanted to create their own one. This can be done even with pheromone too. The process of creating your own pheromone-filled product is called Chemistry Set. Lets have a knowledge of this about how does it works.

Pheromone Chemistry Set

The pheromone of men Chemistry Set is necessary compendium of pheromones that let you brand your own compounded pheromone sets. The set of these products contain a combination of three, androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone. These included with a dropper bottle for blending, a fine-tuned syringe along with a bottle of small amount of ethanol to establish the base. Along with all these, we need different essential oils available in three packs of bottle that need to blend altogether.

The effects of the Pheromone Chemistry Set can be long lasting even sometime it lasts for whole day or may be for couple of hours. It all depends on the different options you have applied to create a new pheromone-filled perfume.

Although, it is quite difficult to do all these activities to create a pheromone-filled perfume of your own choice, still you can try to do something new in this context and can experiment with something different.

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