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How Pheromone And Attraction Are Interrelated?

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Competition is the name of the game in today’s world, not only in schools or at work but also between men and women to see who gets more attention.

It is because of this competition that people lead a stressful life, where people are always on the run for excellence and where everyone’s busy coping up with their own lives. Human feelings are such that they always find it comforting to spend time with someone of the opposite gender. People are always on the lookout for a friend whom they can rely on and can share their feelings with.

Men are always attracted to beautiful women .As far as women are concerned they are always attracted to handsome men and are always looking out for men with a good physique. These are the physical features which has the ability to attract people of the opposite gender. One can always work on enhancing and improving these features.

Our body also helps in the attraction game in a silent way. There are signals which are sent out from our body system which have an effect on the opinions and behaviors of individuals of the opposite sex.These signals are called pheromones.

The combined effect of pheromones and attraction can be easily achieved after undergoing an intensive process. In order to understand this process some amount of knowledge about pheromones is needed.

Pheromones are those hormones which are secreted naturally within the human body. These hormones have a unique aroma and it is this aroma which acts as the attracting factor. The basic pheromones available within the human body are Androstenone and Androsterone in men and copulins in women.

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Pheromones and attraction are two words which go hand in hand, where it is the effect of the pheromone which attracts someone of the opposite gender.

These pheromones are produced daily within the human body, but they get washed off because of pollution .They are also swept off because of excessive sweating since the skin is the main outlet of the pheromones.

The detection of the pheromone begins inside the nasal cavity. Once the pheromone has been released the aroma reaches the nasal cavity and activates a sense organ present at the bottom of the nasal cavity. This sense organ then generates a signal which is sent to the brain.

The signal is then passed on to two parts present inside the brain. One part is responsible for emotional reactions while the other controls the hormonal release. It is through this process that the decisions of an individual are influenced. This is how an individual gets attracted to another individual.

There are many products, like pheromone perfumes or colognes and pheromone oils which are known to add on to the pheromone level .These perfumes and oils basically contain synthetically developed pheromones, which can then be applied directly on the skin or on clothes. These products are easily available in stores.

Thus it is the pheromone which actually attracts an individual, and this is how pheromones and attraction work together in increasing the approachability of an individual by the opposite sex.

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