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Various Uses Of Pheromone Oil

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Pheromones or simply the chemical messengers are released by the body of animals. These hormones can be considered as the bridge of communication between two living beings in the matters such as reproduction and offspring caring, territory, presence of the danger or rival, and many more such communications.

Every living being from insects to humans (except plants) use these messengers that majorly affect their behaviors. Based on their uses, pheromone oil is divided into three different types such as,

Releaser Pheromones: These pheromones are known to produce behavioral patterns such as attraction and avoidance.

Primer Pheromones: These pheromones are known to change the course of the hormonal balance, in the receiver’s body.

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Information Pheromones: These pheromones convey information regarding health, fertility and many more such normal behaviors.

Pheromone oil is usually used by both men and women to attract their opposite sex. Here are some of the instructions to use these oils, for the beginners.

  • Always make sure that you give the oil, the test trails. This can be done by applying some oil, on Sunday mornings, when you sip your morning latte. You can even test them when you plan to visit the grocery shops. However, make sure that you never use them, when you are going out with your dogs, on a walk.
  • Other best suited events to test the pheromone oil will be the Friday night parties, club hopping, and reunion with your school and college mates, while going out on date, and so on. Business people can also use them, while attending any meetings or any such occasions.
  • Try to choose the situations wisely, when you are using these oils. These chemical messengers can even end up gaining the attention of such people that you never wished for. So, it is better not to use these oils, when you are out with such persons, whose attention is not required.
  • You can apply the pheromone oil on several body parts such as pulse points, wrists, around neck areas, area behind your ears, or even on the backside of knees. Remember that you need to apply on only one area among these parts.
  • Sometimes you might meet some body, who attract you towards them. Such occasions surely requires the help of these oils. You might not have used them, when you leave from your home. However, you need not worry about it as you can carry the oil with you and can spray them anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Remember that only pheromone oil is not necessary to make a person get attracted towards you. Other natural aspects such as your body language, way of speaking and other trivial things such as, the way you sit, way you behave with your clients and officers and the way you present yourself, etc also counts.
  • You can even use several back-up plans such as learning the ways to deal with strangers (whom you may possibly meet anytime and anywhere) and also to deal with new officers or clients that you suddenly get to meet someday.

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