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What Are Pheromones Doing For Our Procreation?

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There are many who wonder what are pheromones? As many people may have not heard about it. Plenty of research activities have been done on this subject of pheromones, in order to understand its characteristics. Many scientist also want to understand how does this work in people's mind and how can it influence on them.

Lots of researches have been conducted by scientist in not only among the humans, but also in various animals and the similar phenomena of pheromones were observed in animal kingdom too. This has answered many questions about what are pheromones. Since these pheromones works for both human as well as other animals for certain specific purposes.

Finally, if you want to learn what are pheromones then this question now can be answered in following manner. It is a kind of chemicals that every human beings as well as animals produce from their body to attract their own species, particularly for mating purpose. Besides that these pheromones are also effective in social circle to become popular among the people. In case of animal, it is usually during their mating season these pheromones are produced for both male as well as female spices of their tribe so that they get attracted to each other in order to mate.

It has been confirmed after various researches about what are pheromones that these are meant for attracting spices of one particular sex to another. It is secreted by human and also by animal to produce that kind of signal to attract opposite sex for mating. Usually female spices among the animal attract their male members with the proper kind of pheromones so that it creates the necessary arousal for mating.

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The similar phenomena are also exhibited by male species too. When male variety of human or animal is interested in mating, the necessary pheromones are emitted. In fact this is true for every living creature including insects, as every creature need to mate to reproduce. Therefore these pheromones are natural occurring things in every living being. However, the pheromones in every case are different and targeted to only certain species.

In the world of human being, the idea of one individual is chemically attracted to another looks silly, but as a matter of fact it is not so. We get attracted towards each other unknowingly some time only due to presence of pheromones in our body, which we may not know ourselves.

Here one thing must be clear in the mind that pheromones of one particular species are entirely different for another species. In no way animal pheromones can attract animal of another species. These pheromones are meant for attracting their own tribes. Human pheromones cannot attract any dog or cat and vice versa. Had this not been so then the life would have been very confusing.

Nature has set this phenomenon and therefore animal of their own kind only can get attracted towards one another and multiply themselves. This way it can be ensured that animal cannot breed by force but it occurs at proper time when pheromone occurs. Thus, the importance of what are pheromones is finally understood.

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