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Why Attractive Women Love Jerks

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There are many things about attraction and dating that men just never seem to understand. 

That is a very common issue for men as they look for ways to improve their stance in the world of the opposite sex but seem to not be able to find a foot hold anywhere. 

Well there are some things that a person can do to make themselves more appealing.

However, you must understand that you have no power over the attraction that a woman feels. That all has to do with the chemistry of the body and the genetic make up of the woman as a whole. 

That is something that many men tend to not believe. They have it in their heads that they can somehow change the way that women feel about them from the most basic point of view and that will just not happen.

When we are born we are pre-programmed with certain things that cause attraction. This stems from our genes and there is nothing that we can do to change that. The same holds true for everyone. 

Ever notice why some people are attracted to short people, while others go for the tall ones? Well that is because their genetic make up is telling them that that is what they want from the opposite sex. 

There is nothing they can do to change that. However, one certain feature does not a relationship make. While a woman may be attracted to tall men, there are many other things that also attract her. 

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While she may desire to have a man that has all the qualities of her perfect man there is nothing to say that she will not settle for someone that has some of the qualities.

That is where you fit in. You need to be able to function outside of the normal range and make yourself visible to the women who are looking for a certain type but are more than willing to settle for just some as opposed to all. 

That is why attractive women love jerks, they want something specific and look for those things in all the men they go after.

Women only love jerks to a certain extent. That is due to the fact that they are not after someone who is only weak but more like someone who can not only take care of them but also themselves. 

That is the common bond that we all share with the jerks. They are the ones that portray themselves as being strong at the same time being able to turn on the charm when the time is right.

So there is nothing to say that these women are actually attracted to the jerk part but more to the fact that the man is not someone who is going to be clingy or something along those lines. 

While the nice guy will win out, they are not looking for someone who needs their mother to solve problems or anything like that. Put a bit of edge in the attitude and you will find that things will go a whole lot smoother for you.

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