How to decorate a bar


How to decorate a bar

To paint or not to paint?

If you want to paint the place you can do it yourself, there are options of paintings with decorative effects, stucco type, paintings that imitate marble or even reflective type paintings.



The stencil

It is a technique to decorate using paint, you can decorate walls, furniture or whatever you like. It is about using templates, on the internet you can search for stencil designs in Google and you get many. On a smooth painting background, if possible you can make drawings in the color that you like and the template you choose.

If you do not want to paint you can change the look of the walls with decorative vinyl, or photo murals, there are precious ones and they are not expensive. They are fixed on the wall and change the appearance of the decoration for little money.

A wall decorated with adhesive vinyl attracts attention and can even create a distinct ambiance. They can be applied to any flat and smooth surface, from glass, walls, doors, furniture, and appliances. What used to be a dull wall can change into a cheerful and sophisticated corner.


Furniture for decorating a bar

You can use shelves, tables and chairs from Ikea which brings you the advantage of having very good prices. Another option is the second-hand shops, if you are looking to decorate vintage style, with inspiration from the 60s to 80s, or if you are looking for a rustic piece. In the stores of second hand, you can find jewels like lamps, tables, furniture at very interesting prices and very good quality. Also, you can use a coat rack, where people will hang things like a travel jacket when they arrive.

If you have a little more budget you can also opt for chairs and tables of a greater range where you must emphasize the style above all with the aim of capturing the attention of the customer in your bar. This always helped a glass that allows people from the outside the novelty of your bar.



Billiard tables, darts or table football

The more options your clients have to feel at ease the better. The games make it spend more time in the local and thus it is easier to consume. When decorating take into account to dedicate a space to put some game machine, a billiard, a foosball or a darts.


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