If you are looking for some ideas to improve the bar of your pub, this might be useful


If you are looking for some ideas to improve the bar of your pub, this might be useful

The bar of a bar is one of the most important and characteristic elements of a bar or local, now we will see the different styles and designs with the most important details so that the decoration of our bar is appropriate. Maybe, once you get the idea, your bar may become in one of the best or coolest bars in the country

Brick bar

One of the most common bars of bars are the brick bars and it is that they give that modern touch that we are looking for, but it is usually coated with other material to make it more sophisticated.

Stone bar

The stone bars in the bars is also very common, be it marble, granite or any other stone giving the bar a different, modern and original image.

Metal bar

The futuristic effect is in fashion and what better way than a metal bar, are easy to create since with metal plates nailed to the bar you will get the desired effect.

Bar with typography

In this type of bar, the material with which they are constructed is the same, the important thing is the typography that is used in them, the message that we want to give and transmit to our clients.

Illuminated bar

In any decor, whether it be a house, bar, garden … lighting is very important and plays a fundamental role in focusing attention on different objects, areas, etc. In this case, we want to center it in the bar of the bar

Molded Bar

Never goes out of style and is a classic decoration bar with moldings. There are many types of moldings, good examples are the moldings using quarters.

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