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How The Discovery Of Pheromones Will Help Your Dating Success Rate

In a hurry to attract more woman?
Top Pheromones
Pheromones Comparison Table


The time was that you could go to the local bar and snag just about any woman that you wanted. Well you are sure to realize that that time has come and gone. 

You are having a lot of trouble in this department and you are not sure why. Well that is very normal when you consider the fact that the women of the world want more than that one night stand. They are looking for the whole package now.

When the women decided that just having some great sex was not enough for them then things started to get sticky for the men. 

They were in the wrong place with their lives and decided to deliver the lost arts to their own presence of mind. In all honesty this did nothing. The pick up lines that your father used when he hit the bars were nothing but ineffective and you are still stuck in a rut of poor dating.

What you needed to do is find a way to get the upper hand with the women. That is not the easiest thing in the world. Women are very smart and can spot a man trying to make a move a mile away.

That means that they are working to bring something to bear that is far more appealing. You must learn that you have to beat them at their own game. In other words, you have to get smart. When the challenge appears one must learn that they are right in the thick of things.

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As a whole there is nothing that will stop you from being a very positive man as long as you are ready for it. That is where the discovery of the pheromones have come into play. We are all at their mercy according to the newest research and that blends us with the presence of greatness.


The pheromones that all men emit are powerful in nature. They are part of our link to the animal kingdom and continue to show that we have more in common with the animals then we thought.

As a whole we have to develop a skill set that is going to work well with this process. You must learn that you are not going to be highly successful without the pheromones in your pocket.

How they work

Pheromones are nothing more than tiny particles of scent. This scent is not able to be picked up by the normal nose. It has to be picked up by the olfactory cavity that is located in the female nose area.

This is how they start to choose their mates. When they are working on this they have the presence of mind to develop skills and such that will help them in the whole process of life.

The normal form

In most cases the market baring pheromones are in spray form. This comes in the form of a cologne. When you spray it on you have to make sure that you are putting on just enough. Too much will lead to problems. The less you use the better. A simple spray and you have women crawling on you.

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