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What is a Pheromone?

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For as long as we can all remember, men have been searching for the perfect love potion so that they can of the woman of their dreams with little or no effort. 

All men believe there is no known potion, there actually is such a thing called pheromone. For as long as we can remember, scientists have been researching the effects of pheromones on people. 

The male human pheromone called androstenone, was used by many manufacturers try to help men attract women. Pheromones occur naturally in such species as insects, humans and animals. 

It is said that pheromones can predict with sexual behavior as well as attract the opposite sex in all of these species. This particular type of pheromones was intended to attract women to men.

Studies proved that this type of pheromones was indeed reliable. The word pheromone is actually Greek and when broken down translating to the following; 

Pheran-means to transfer and the word Horman- means to excite. Many people do not realize that pheromones have been used as the oldest form of communication between animals.

A person givers off a natural sent which is called pheromone. This actually plays a very important role in the way a person communicates sexually. 

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Humans as well as animals give off a large amount of chemicals in their sweat, saliva and tears. The smell that comes from these things actually gives off signals from other animals, humans and creatures. Pheromones let the other part of the species such as the women part of the species; know that you are out there. 

This can help aid males in finding more submissive counter parts which will make the conquest more enjoyable. It doesn’t matter what species you are from, pheromones play an important role in the way you reproduce.

It is said that men unknowingly produce a male pheromone which will attract women and that pheromone is called Androstenone. Unfortunately men only secret this pheromone when they are sweating.

So when a man puts on deodorant, they are actually covering up the natural pheromone that will attract women. For many men this can make matter of the heart difficult as they really need deodorant when they sweat. 

It is no wonder that men find it difficult to deal with attracting women as they pretty much wash out the natural pheromone that attracts women. It is not only human men that deal with this downfall but animals as well. 

It can be very beneficial for men to do a bit of research to see when and where they secrete their natural pheromone so that they can use this to their advantage. If men knew exactly how pheromones worked, they could be on top of the pick up scene with women. 

Pheromones are not something to fear as they can be very helpful to both men and women once we all know how they affect the opposite sex. You can use pheromones to help you get the person that your heart desires.

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