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How to Attract Women: Be the Guy She Cannot Resist

In a hurry to attract more woman?
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Have you ever wondered why some guys seem to attract all the beautiful women while you can't attract a single one?

It is no secret that there are certain types of males that are irresistible to women. And it is not only their good looks or thick wallet that attracts these women.

There are some things about other males, call it the X factor that seems act as a magnet towards women. If you are still wondering how to attract women, then read on:

1. The Bad Boy

We have read countless articles about why bad boys attract beautiful women. But ultimately, it comes down to having a free spirit that is open to new adventures.

This bad boy may be into motorcycles, cutting classes, or wacky adventures without thinking about the potential consequences. Bad boys know how to attract women early on because they can see women's reaction to them early on.

1. The Self-Confident Guy

Being so sure of himself attracts women like honey to a bee. He is so secure and confident in himself that women cannot help but feel confident in him as well. This type of guy projects an aura of control that makes a woman feels secure and protected.

The confident guys knows early on that how to attract women means that he should not be jealous of other men or his girlfriend's guy friends. Since he thinks he himself is great, the woman he's with thinks so too.

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2. The Romantic Man

This type of guy believes in classical romance. He uses romantic gestures such as bringing gifts, chocolates, and flowers to make a woman feel attracted to him. And not only attracted, the woman he is interested him eventually falls for him as well because she knows he is thinking about her.

These types of guys may have learned how to attract women from movies, television shows, and from the media. But they certainly have applied what they learned about how to attract women to make the person feel appreciated and this is the reason why they are irresistible.

3. The Creative Guy

Being creative and artistic is incredibly romantic for some women. She just doesn't know what he's thinking. Some creative guys also project an aura of uniqueness and certain deepness in personality that some women cannot resist in wanting to learn more about these types of guys.

If you have a creative mind, take your cue from others who are successful in romance to learn how to attract women.

4. The Foreign Guy

A foreign guy is exotic simply because he is not a local guy. Also, foreign guys have a certain accent or a unique perspective that keeps conversations interesting and fresh.

His social attitude may also seem quirky but it serves to attract some women more. In fact, most women find foreign guys exciting and charming. These guys don't even have to learn how to attract women, their charisma is enough to attract more than their fair share.

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