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Have you got the look?

In a hurry to attract more woman?
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If you are serious in learning how to attract women, then you need to look good. Now before you go thinking you need to drop a lot of money on fancy clothes that aren't your style, think again.

If you want to know how to attract women by looking good, read on. Several things to keep in mind -- good grooming is important as is knowing and following your own personal style. If you remember these two things and always dress appropriately, then you'll know how to attract women. 

How to attract women: good grooming

If you want to know how to attract women, you should start with good grooming. It is the foundation of looking good and getting women to look at you. Keep your hands clean and nails neatly trimmed.

Stay on top of getting regular haircuts, regardless of your style; long or short, goth or business-like, you need to demonstrate that you care about how you look. Take care of yourself as well as you can, eating right and getting exercise.

Shower daily. Use deodorant. Brush your teeth twice a day, at least. Shave or trim your beard regularly. Seriously, this all sounds very basic but some people don't do this. This is key in learning how to attract women. 

How to attract women: your personal style

If you want to know how to attract women, they want to know what they can expect of you, and they'll make those judgments based on how you look. It's not necessarily fair, it's just how it is. Regardless of your personal style, make sure it fits you.

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As long as it does, then you're good. Knowing how to attract women means dressing in colors and styles that flatter you.

It means wearing clothing and accessories that are marginally stylish; for example, skip wearing Uncle Vern's hand-me-down butterfly collar shirts unless you can pull off the vintage look and the vintage look is your look.

Otherwise you'll just look silly and you'll look like you don't know your own mind. Not a good move. 

How to attract women: dress appropriately

Knowing how to attract women means you always dress appropriately, regardless of what your friends are wearing. If you're going on a date, look nice. Take a couple of extra minutes and iron your shirt. Clean your shoes. If you're going to a wedding or event, wear a sport jacket or suit.

People will judge you on how you look. If you look good, it makes her look good, and she'll love you for it. Or at least appreciate the fact that you are not embarrassing her. So remember how important it is to dress appropriately if you want to know how to attract women.

How to attract women: get the look

If you want to know how to attract women, you need to start with looking good. No woman is going to look twice at a guy who doesn't respect himself enough to take the time to shower every day, brush his teeth, and put on a clean shirt.

Stay true to your own personal style and always dress appropriately. If you look good, it will make your girlfriend look good and that will make her happy. And when she is happy, you'll be happy. Good luck!

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