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How to use your pheromone purchase

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If you have decided to make a pheromone purchase in order to attract members of the opposite sex, it is important to use your pheromones properly.

These products are becoming more popular these days. They are commonly offered for sale via mail order or Internet purchase. Proper use of pheromones will ensure that you'll achieve the desired effect, the attention and interest of a potential sexual partner.

You need to make sure to use the product according to the maker's guidelines. You also need to be careful to wear it only where you want to meet a potential partner. With careful use, you will find that your pheromone use can be highly successful. 

Follow the instructions 

The first step is to follow the instructions on your pheromone purchase. Every pheromone purchase should come with usage instructions. In most cases, the pheromone is bottled with a liquid base; it is usually applied with a fingertip to the same places on your body that you apply cologne or perfume.

Improper use of the product may mean that you use more than is really necessary, wastefully emptying the bottle early and having to buy more product more quickly than you ordinarily would have. 

Use your usual scent

The nice thing about pheromones is that they have no scent of their own. You are free to use your own cologne or perfume at the same time. This is perfect if you have a signature scent that you like to wear.

Your regular perfume or cologne will also attract partners, with the added benefit of the undetectable pheromone. There is no need to worry that the scent of the product will be incompatible with your usual cologne or perfume. There is no need to worry that the scent of the product will be unpleasant. 

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Use wisely

Remember, a pheromone is a powerful thing. You want to be wise about where you wear it. For example, you might not want to wear it at say, the Laundromat or grocery shopping on a Saturday morning; or maybe there's a hot guy or girl with your same routine that you do want to pick up.

What you need to keep in mind is that wherever you wear the product, it is possible to attract a member of the opposite sex. For that reason, you should always be quite aware of the places you wear the product and who you will be associating with.

Buying a pheromone product can be a powerful way to attract members of the opposite sex. It is important to use it carefully, and the right way. As with any pharmaceutical, you need to be careful to read the instructions before using it.

You also need to wear it properly and use it along with your usual scent to gain the maximum benefit. You should also be careful to wear your pheromone only at places where you are seriously interested in attracting a partner.

Using these products can have a significant impact on your connection to members of the opposite sex. Good luck!

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