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Pheromone: A variety of uses

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If you're only vaguely familiar with pheromones, you may be surprised at the places where you can find them in use and how useful it a pheromone can be.

This is a particular type of a chemical that is secreted by a person or a mammal and prompts others of the same type to act in a particular way.

You can find these chemicals in use for dealing with animals as well as in your interpersonal relationships. Read on -- you may find yourself surprised at the myriad options available to those with access to a pheromone.

From sex and romance to comforting a family pet to eliminating unwanted insects, you can find several positive uses for this naturally occurring.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

This may be one of the most talked-about uses for the humble pheromone. This naturally occurring chemical can be worn like cologne or mixed with your favorite scent. It may attract members of the opposite sex. Wearing the scent this way is easy to do and oftentimes very affordable.

The nature of the pheromone means that it does not have a noticeable smell on its own. While your body will notice the chemical and make the necessary adjustments (feeling amorous, anyone?), your nose won't smell a thing.

That’s why you can wear a pheromone to attract members of the opposite sex and still not reek of cologne.

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Gone to the dogs

A special variety of pheromone has been developed to calm and soothe dogs. Found in diffusers, collars, and sprays, this particular chemical can have an effect on dogs that are under stress for a variety of reasons, including being around strangers, moving, or other major lifestyle changes.

Because of how they work, this pheromone prompts only dogs to act; other animals shouldn't notice it at all.

The calming effect is achieved by simply having the dog wear the color, be around (but not too lose!) to the diffuser (which usually plugs into any home outlet), or wear the specially-formulated spray.

The scent-less quality of the pheromone means that no one will smell the treatment for your dog; only your pup.

Don't get bugged

Believe it or not, pheromones can also be used as part of an insect control strategy. When a particular type of pheromone is used in an insect trap, it can serve to attract the insect and lure it into the trap.

This kind of insect control strategy can be easier to maintain and manage than messy sprays or harsh chemicals that linger in the air and on surfaces. A pheromone may also be used to interrupt an insect's having babies and actively exterminates unwanted pests.

While you may have heard of pheromones before, it's a safe bet that you haven't realized all of the other uses for them.

This scent-less and colorless chemical can influence behavior, from humans to dogs to insects. From simple behavior modification to more dramatic intentions like sexual attraction, the chemical can have a huge impact on your life and those of pets and pests.

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