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When to decide to use a pheromone

In a hurry to attract more woman?
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If you have heard about using a pheromone to attract a mate, you may be wondering when is a good time to make that decision.

A pheromone is a naturally-occurring chemical that influences behavior. A pheromone can be worn in a cologne, either alone or layered under your usual perfume or cologne.

It's great because no one will know that you're wearing it except for you. But at what point do you decide that you're done leaving things to chance and that you are interested in using a pheromone to captivate another? Well, there are three instances that immediately come to mind.

If you're looking to keep a guy hanging on and eager for more, a pheromone might maintain that attraction for you. If you're rusty on the dating scene, you can get your confidence up by ensuring that men will be attracted. And if you are already in a committed relationship, it can certainly jazz things up a bit.

Lack of commitment

If you're tired of being strung along, it may be time for a pheromone. While you might not be looking for a long-term commitment of any kind, you should have to put up with people who can't be bothered to treat you with respect.

So if you've had enough of a lack of commitment, you may want to use one of these specialty colognes or perfumes. Using a pheromone regularly could persuade a partner to stick around long enough to get to know the real you and then stick around for a longer while. 

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Getting back in the game

If you're coming out of a long-term relationship, getting back into the romantic game can be extremely stressful. You may be wary of putting yourself out there and even more wary of connecting with a member of the opposite sex at a bar or a party.

By wearing a pheromone, you can smooth the way by doing absolutely everything you can to instill a sense of attraction in a potential partner. A little extra insurance for an attentive and attracted partner may be all you need to feel your most confident again. 

Revitalize a relationship

Maybe you are in a committed relationship but things have gone a bit stale. Maybe he doesn't look at you anymore like he used to. If you'd like to spice up your love life, a pheromone might be able to help.

That sexual spark that you wondered about may return in a blaze of passion and glory as you use the application to restore your relationship to a bit of the way it used to be. 

So you see, even if you might not have been thinking about using a pheromone, there could actually be a few good reasons why it's a good idea. If you're not getting much in the way of commitment, you can use it to keep a guy coming back for more.

If you're easing back into the social scene, you can use it as insurance to make sure that you get your bearings and build your confidence quickly. And if you're already in a relationship, it can restore that passion and intense attraction you once had, and can have again. Good luck!

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