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Something Single Women Hate

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Unless you are an expert on women then you may be wondering how in the world to keep the dates you have active and to keep them calling back. 

Well that is not something that will come very easy to many people because by nature they have learned to drive the women away with their sense of stupid that seems to follow the entire plan.

Well you need to lose that sense of stupid and start to make some changes in your life as well as your over all dating style. 

That way you are not repelling women with some kind of raw efficiency that will make you the laughing stock of the singles scene. 

However, when it comes down to it, there is nothing that you can do to make the women of the world attracted to you more than they already are. That is just the pure and simple truth of the matter.

You will have to make yourself more appealing sure, but you cannot change the amount of attraction that is felt because that is out of your hands. 

That is actually in the hands of nature where the beast in all of us takes hold. So you can forget about the whole attraction thing because there is no way that you can do anything about that. You need to work on being more appealing to the dates that you do have. 

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Have you ever thought that you might have let the best thing to ever happen to you slip away? Well that could very well be the case and it may be that you were simply not portraying yourself in the most positive light. 

That is the case of many men and they have managed to screw up perfectly good dates with the stupidity factor that allows the person to never see the forest for the trees.

However, if you are willing to make a few minor changes in the way that you do things then you might just be able to start salvaging those dates rather than letting them slip through your fingers. All you really need to do is know the one thing that single women hate.

Single women are not all that different from single men. They are looking for that one person who will come along and make a difference in their life. Well most often they are accosted by some man who thinks he is being smooth. 

So she agrees to go out with him. Well the date is going just fine and he is being a perfect gentleman and he is boring her teeth to sleep.

That is the one thing that single women hate. They do not want to be bored. If you are boring to them then they will not be able to see the kind of man that you really are. Do not be afraid to be charming and witty. 

That is not going to make a difference if you are not right for each other. Remember, the idea behind a date is to see if you are even attracted to one another.

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