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How to decide on the right pheromone product for you

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When you decide to begin using pheromones to attract a mate, you're only halfway there.

You've decided to act, now you need to decide how. There are so many options, it's hard to know where to begin and how to make that choice.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin the process of picking a pheromone product. You should always think about the ingredients in every pheromone product you're looking at.

Also measure the active ingredients; price out every product that you're considering per unit; and carefully evaluate the promises made by the pheromone website copy.

Evaluate ingredients before buying

There are a number of pheromone products available. They are often available as different formulas and concentrations. Before making any purchase of pheromone products, consumers should look at the list of ingredients and where available, their concentrations in any given product.

Educate yourself and do some research to see what's out there, then narrow down your selections to a small handful of choices. Then do your final evaluation; that way, you don't waste a lot of time examining products that probably aren't good fits for you anyway. 

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Shop by price before buying

Before making any decision regarding a pheromone product, consumers should consider the price and product size. Do the math if necessary to make sure that you are comparing like amounts and per-unit prices.

Evaluate the website's shipping and handling charges, taxes charged, etc.; these can really add up. Shop around and don't pay for shipping and handling charges if you don't have to.

Prices of products versus shipping and handling can vary, and just because an item is inexpensive the shipping may be prohibitive, or vice versa. Add up all of the costs involved in getting the product from the warehouse to your door before placing your order.

Evaluate the promises before buying

Read the website ad copy carefully. If the promises made about the pheromone product sound too good to be true, they probably are. Sites whose ad copy about the pheromone product they sell are more realistic are more likely to satisfy consumers.

Sites that don't promise to change your life completely are far more likely to be a better match for you. If you buy from a super-hyped site, then you may find yourself more likely to feel disappointed in their results than in a product from a more carefully-worded site. 

It should be clear by now that there are many ways to decide on what kind of pheromone product you want to buy. Consumers should evaluate the ingredients to make sure the formula is right for them, containing the right proportions of the desired ingredients.

Consumers should also shop by price, being careful to be aware that just because something is cheap, doesn't mean it's good. You need to balance cost with quality.

And finally, by evaluating the promised made on a site's ad copy, you can make sure that you find a site that's selling products that meet your expectations.

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