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Make pheromones work for you

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For people who have decided to wear pheromones, it's an exciting decision that you won't be able to wait to implement.

After all, you've been waiting for so long to get your love life off the ground, why wait now? Now you've done all the legwork, ordered your pheromone product and it's arrived. So now what do you do? If you're not sure, read on for ideas. 

First steps first

If you're a new pheromone user, please make sure that you read any instructions. After all, this is where the manufacturer will put any side effects or dangers that you need to be aware of.

It would be awful to be in the middle of a potential romantic encounter and suddenly find yourself in need of medical attention. Read the instruction manual and find out how to apply and use the pheromone product properly.

Remember, if you are not using it right, then you might as well not use it at all, since you won't have as a successful an experience, and that would be a waste of time and money.

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Plan on when you'll use it

If you're serious about using your pheromone application, you'll want to plan on when you'll use it and plan it carefully. You need to be prepared for it to work.

You need to be surrounded by men or women that you would be prepared to be intimate with should the pheromone prompt an intense reaction. You should also be in a place where it's safe for you to hook up with any of these men or women.

Be ready for what might happen when you use that pheromone, because it's entirely possible that anything can happen. You might want to make sure that you're out with your friends, so that someone can keep an eye on you; it's never a good idea to go out and hook up all alone.

Look your best

Before you step out wearing that pheromone application, make sure you look your best. If you're going to be hooking up with someone, you want to make the best impression possible. Sure, you'll have that pheromone, but a great outfit will help too.

Make sure that you're freshly showered and shaved. Wear something that makes you feel good. Accessories with watches, jewelry, etc. Make sure your hair looks great.

The pheromone will help with the attraction, but you should make sure that you have the whole package going for you, that you look healthy, well-rested, well-dressed, and nicely accessorized. Attraction is about more than just pheromones; they're important, but they're part of your whole package.

With a little preparation, you can make your pheromone treatment work for you. Be prepared by reading the instructions and making sure that you use the product properly. Plan carefully where you are going to wear the pheromone; after all, you have to be prepared for it to be wildly successful.

And finally, in order to complement the pheromone, you should take steps to look good before the big night; make sure that you've got a great look, one that's flattering in every possible way. Taken together, all of these steps will help you prepare for a great night out.

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