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Tips to Attract Women

In a hurry to attract more woman?
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It is puzzling that some good looking men, with brains and money are still problematic when it comes to getting a relationship with the right women.

If you are one among these men, then read on because here are ten effective tips to attract women. Read them carefully and you will surely get the “charisma” that will complete your package.

Never settle for any available women

This one of the basic tips to attract women is very simple. This means that you are someone special so you have to get what you truly deserve. You have to picture in your mind the criteria that you are looking for in your dream girl. Follow your criteria straight and don’t settle for less.

Don’t be too nice

Being nice is great if you want to be friends with beautiful women. But it is not one of the best tips to attract beautiful women because you won't be more than friends with them. You should be nice and naughty at the same time.

"Convincing" women is taboo
Never push yourself to someone who doesn’t show any interest on you. It will make you look desperate not only to her but also to other women as well. You deserve someone who likes you. These are one of the tips to attract women that will never go out of date.

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Don't seek her approval

Men are known for their strength and confidence. These are the qualities that women look for so always have these in yourself. Never seek her approval because it is a sign of giving in these two valuable qualities that are a must have for you.

Never "buy" her affections

There are some materialistic women, but take not that some are still not. Never pamper your girl with expensive and luxurious stuffs for it will make her fell that you are buying her love.

Revealing your Feelings Too Early – Yikes!

Rushing is also a big no-no because this will signify that you are not sincere or serious with her. Before you reveal your feelings to a woman make sure that you already touch her heart so that you can get positive reaction.

Don't base your worth in looks or in money.

Although it is true that you are good looking and you got all the money in the world, it is still important to know the value of humility. Boasting what you got can turn-off women because they will feel undeserving for you.

Never base your worth with your money and looks if you don’t want to drive women away.

Just do it!

Perseverance and determination should always be within you. You must have the courage to do and get anything that you want. This is the last dating tip because this means you have to just do it- carry out all these tips to attract women and resolve your dilemma.

Aside from knowing these “tips to attract women”, try to test yourself and assess what are the tips that you don’t satisfy so that you can work on it.

The tips where you score less have to be given more attention so that sooner or later you can say that you are the complete package that every woman desires.

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