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A Tool That's Part Of The Solution

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While many men may swear by pheromones, it is important to keep in mind that as part of your dating strategy, pheromones are only a tool that is part of your solution for how to attract women. 

The complementary parts also include having a pleasant personality and good grooming habits. If you are using pheromones, whether you've purchased them over the Internet or in a store, you can be sure that they are easy to use.

They are scentless and easily masked by your own preferred scent. They are sure to attract women subtly and discreetly but remember, you need to do some work too!

Good grooming

As part of your strategy for how to attract women, you can use pheromones and you can pursue good grooming habits. It goes without saying, but some guys need to hear it anyway.

Shower frequently and launder your clothes often. Take care in brushing your teeth and hair, grooming your nails and hands too.  In addition to applying pheromones when dating, you can use skin lotion if needed, plus the appropriate hair care products.

Dress well for your dates, in clean clothes that are pressed and match. Dress appropriately for whatever place you are going to if you are serious in your quest to attract women. 

Keep your hair trimmed nicely and any facial hair neatly trimmed as well. Hit the gym or keep up an exercise routine so that you look fit and trim at all times. Looking good will be just as attractive as using pheromones.

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Good personality

If you are using pheromones when you want to attract women you are dating, you also need to supplement that with a good personality. Talk to your date like a person, don't think of her as a conquest. Ask about her hobbies and interests.

Be a good conversationalist and be genuinely interested. Don't rely on pheromones when you're trying to attract women -- bring a good personality too! Don't talk about yourself too much.

Show her genuine interest and respect and she'll be attracted enough to move in for a kiss where she may get a whiff of those effective pheromones, so there's no telling where the night will end. 

Part of a whole strategy

While you might feel like you really need pheromones when actively dating, you need to make sure that you don't rely too heavily on them. After all, they should be part of your whole strategy for how to attract women.

You still need to get out there and meet eligible women and get up the guts to ask them out. So you see, there are plenty of uses for pheromones as part of your solution for how to attract women but they are not the be all, end all of dating.

You need to develop good grooming habit and a good personality as well. These are the things that will keep your relationship going after you get the girl with the pheromones. 

Think broadly and beyond pheromones and you'll find that you develop a real dating strategy that works, with pheromones as part of the solution, not the only solution.

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