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The Rules Of Attraction In The Game Of Love

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Attraction can be a powerful thing when you think about it. As a rule, we as humans are not much different than the animals of the world. 

Sure we may walk upright and so on, but when it comes to choosing a mate, we are all just the same minded creatures. 

We all use the same kind of methods to attract the opposite sex and we have been since the dawn of time. 

However, if you are willing to make some kind of changes in your life then you may have a better chance at landing that next date rather than simply finding nothing in particular wonderful about anyone. 

That is because of the close minded persona that many of us have. If we would simply open our eyes to a world of possibilities that extends beyond our own selfish inner self then we would be allowing ourselves to experience a new beginning.

These beginnings are something that many people who have been studying the rules of attraction have long felt to be very important. Lacking any kind of real scientific knowledge then you will need to understand how the attraction between a man and a woman works. 

This means that you must be willing to take the leap of faith when it comes to making these kinds of changes and market yourself in a totally different way. Not everything is very easy to do mind you. There are things about attraction that are just not going to change over night and you will need to take them in stride. 

However, if you can manage to make the subtle differences seem like they are major then you will take the whole attraction deal to a whole new level. That said, lets look at some of the rules of attraction as they apply to man and woman.

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These rules may help you to better understand the limited ability that we have to control ourselves.

Attraction comes from many forms. The most common is our sense of smell even though we have no idea why. The smell that is spoken of deals solely with the pheromones that we all excrete. 

They are basically nothing more than a single type of hormone that is specifically designed to attract the opposite sex. That is why so many companies are looking at ways to include them into perfumes and so on.

They are always trying to make some changes that will ensure you will have a better chance with the opposite sex. However, this is only one small part of the attraction game as it is being played. 

Grooming methods are very popular at this point and time. Rather than simply throwing on what you would normally wear out to the bar, try dressing up a little bit and making a show of the whole thing.

Maybe go out and buy yourself something new, like a dress or suit and make certain that you are following all of the proper grooming methods. It has been shown that a woman's sense of smell is about three times as strong as the male.

This means that you should not have any kind of an odor or what have you. Arm pit odors, according to surveys are considered to be the worst and women can smell them from a mile away metaphorically speaking of course. 

The rules still apply though. Simply groom up and make sure that you are the center of attention to win the game of love.

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