About me

Hello, I am someone who is in love with the furniture and decoration of bars. Those places are great to have fun with your friends, meet someone, drink some wine or beers and in some cases to dance. That is why the decoration is so important, simple things such as furniture, light or how the bar looks like can determine a huge difference about how do we feel in those places.

I think that the decoration must be something vital for those places, that’s why I provide some ideas and information looking to inspire or help the owners of those places to improve themselves every day. By that, they will get more people loving their place which will mean more income, and customers¬†will enjoy even more while they chat with friends and have a drink

If your bar is small, or you are looking to modernize it, here you will find the best tips to reach your goal and to manage your local the best way possible. You will see the difference once you read and apply those tips, since changing the chairs or painting the walls to illuminating the bar. Your bar will be something new and incredible without a doubt.