Being shy. It’s awesome.

Especially when you want to do cool stuff like leave the house, talk to people who are not your reflection and take risks that will put you OUT THERE.

OUT THERE is the delightful place where you strip down to your underoos and allow every sentient creature in the known universe to point and comment.

And people say the nicest things about your underoos.

Shy people love feedback. They love it when everyone in the world compliments them on their underoos. This is why shy people take risks all the time and become such successful and well-adjusted individuals.

This blog isn’t necessarily about being shy. It’s more about taking risks in spite of being shy and trying to succeed even though that almost certainly requires outside contact with people and the ability to project the aura of someone who is totally not freaking out about basically everything. I call this timid courage. I am trying to become a timid courageous person.

I own my own business and I write and publish paranormal fiction.

So very timid courageous.

And now I have this blog where I will attempt to write things. About myself, my books, and my thoughts. And other people will be able to read these things. Probably not many people, thankfully. Maybe not many people ever. But still. It’s out here. Me. In my underoos, sort of.

You can expect posts on my writing, taking risks, and my adventures in timid courageousness. Thanks for reading.

Author J Bennett

This is usually what happens when I realize someone is trying to take a picture of me.

  1. Sarah
    January 14th, 2012 at 10:14 | #1

    What a great blog

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