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Top 5 Pheromone Reviews

Independent Pheromone Reviews and Comparisons

Meeting women is a matter that many men wish they were better at. Honestly, who could say they didn't wish they weren't more like the studs that we see in the movies who are able to flash and smile and have a woman in bed ten minutes later.

That is why it is so important for men to learn the secrets that come with meeting women. These secrets have been long kept but they are now available and you can become one of the many successful men who are dominating the dating scene.

As you are well aware, there are many things that go into proper pick up techniques. After all, you cannot simply ask a woman her sign anymore, that went out with the seventies mind you.

You need to learn the ins and outs of the dating scene as it applies to you and the area where you live. But what if you do all of that and still spend more time striking out then you do getting the deal closed?

That is the idea behind the new products on the market that are designed to give you the leading edge when it comes to dating. What you may not understand is the fact that humans are very much like animals in every way. We all behave in similar fashion when it comes time for certain things. Mating is no different.

Animals, for the most part, run on instinct for everything and that includes mating. They are looking for something in a mate that attracts them and that is usually accomplished by smell. Females are attracted to males in the animal kingdom because of a release of certain substances from the male body.

The very same thing is true when you are looking at humans. The women of the world are not in complete control of the attraction situation. The male body releases pheromones into the air as a scent.

A tiny port inside the nose of the woman picks up on this scent and causes the chemical reaction that is necessary for attraction. However, if you notice, women seem to be attracted to some men more than others.

That is basically because of the increased pheromone production that the male has or perhaps he is using one of the new pheromone products. Scientists have finally discovered how to create pheromones and they are now available in cologne form for a man to wear.

This increase in pheromones will aid you in attracting members of the opposite sex and changing the way you look at dating forever. Oddly enough, this has been the way things worked for the time man has been on the earth, but we have just recently unlocked the secrets to the attraction bond between men and women. By putting in some effort, you will benefit from:

Become a lot more sexually attractive.

  • Meet more beautiful women, MUCH more easily.

  • Grab the attention and get approached by women far more often.

  • Make a fantastic, memorable, compelling impression , every time.

  • Increase your self-confidence and masculinity BIG-time

  • And many more...

The dating scene is tough and having that extra edge is very important. Using the pheromones products that are currently on the market make it possible for you to be the best you can be and more attractive to the opposite sex.

You will want to make sure that you are getting the right product and we want to know what you think about these products. As part of our customer service plan we are always looking for a way to make sure that all of the people we serve are pleased with their purchase. 

We Are Here To Help!

On this website you will find the best of the best in pheromone products. To help you, we have compiled a list of the top four pheromone products and spent painstaking months reviewing and gathering relevant information.

Each of the products is ranked according to customer results and independent studies, customer feedbacks ensuring that you are getting the best information possible.

To help with this plan we have developed a revolutionary polling system. This system is in place to make sure that we can accurately track and poll everyone who uses the products. It will help us to better serve you and those that come after you.

Top 5 Pheromones Comparison Table

Ranking #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Top 5
Pherlure Pherazone Attract-Rx Androstenone
Speed Of Results


Fast Pretty Fast Medium Medium


95% 91% 85% 81%


4/5 3/5 3/5 2/5
Free Bonuses Yes Yes No No No
Guarantee 67

Being More Attractive Has Taken A Turn To The Easy Street

Physical attraction is a complicated blend of preconceived notions of beauty and pure and simple animal like instinct. That is what we have learned when the scientists of the world discovered our own inner animal like behavior. This research has told us that we are more like the animals then we could have ever imagined.

As people we secrete pheromones that will attract the opposite sex and make them want us all the more. Thanks to this research many places have been able to create this chemical formula and made it available for all of us to use. The dating world will never be the same as it is right now.

Finding the right product is the important part of the pheromone hunt. That is why we have taken the time to review the top 5 pheromones on the market. This knowledge has given us the tools we need to provide you with the information about the products and how well they work. By using the pheromones will achieve the enormous benefits such as:

  • Become a lot more sexually attractive.

  • Meet more beautiful women, MUCH more easily.

  • Grab the attention and get approached by women far more often.

  • Make a fantastic, memorable, compelling impression , every time.

  • Increase your self-confidence and masculinity BIG-time

  • And many more...

We want to make sure that you succeed which is why we have made certain that all of the information is factual and to the point. Use this to better serve yourself through the idea of dating and the use of pheromones to increase your chances of success as a single person.

Please don't forget to send your vote to us. By doing so you are helping thousands of people who are facing this issues like you now.

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To participate in the poll we ask that you send your vote through email to webmaster@www.aziendamonaci.com along with the receipt from your paid order. Each and every vote that complies with our terms of service will be counted and they will help to ensure that everyone, including yourself, has the most positive experience with this line of products.

Please make sure that you send your receipt with the vote. Those votes not accompanied by a receipt will not be counted. Also we ask that you only vote once. Duplicate votes will be removed from the system and will not count towards the final results of the poll.

We thank you for taking the time to vote. Each vote means so much to the thousands of people who will come after you and wish to know which pheromones is the best.. We also conducted our own research to ensure the top ranking system live up to its promises. Your success matters a lot to us and that is why we don't mind doing all these.

We want you to succeed! Have faith in yourself! Don't give up! You can be a magnet to lady!

The purpose of this site is to present readers with an accurate, clear and honest review of the pheromones. All system claims are made based on; customer testimonials, medical endorsements, 3rd party clinical/scientific studies, supplier information or user posted documented support forums.."

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