Understanding of Computers and Technology

Understanding Computers

According to the book “Computer Annual (Robert H. Blissmer) contained in the book (Jogiyanto Hartono, MBA, Ph.D., Introduction to Computers, 1999): A computer is an electronic device capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Receive input
  • Processing the input according to the program
  • Save orders and results from processing
  • Provides output in the form of information

According to the book “Computer Today” (Donald H. Sanders) contained in the book (Jogiyanto Hartono, MBA, Ph.D, Introduction to Computers, 1999): Computers are electronic systems for manipulating data quickly and precisely and are designed and organized so that automatically receives and stores input data, processes it and produces output under the supervision of a program instruction step stored in memory (stored program)

According to the book “Computer Organization” (V.C. Hamacher, Z.G. Vranesic, S.G. Zaky): Computers are electronic calculating machines that can quickly receive digital input information, process it according to a program stored … Read more

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