We Reviewed The Top 5 Pheromones On The Market!

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Top 5 Pheromone Reviews
Independent Pheromone Reviews and Comparisons

Attraction between men and women are natural, however, there are many among both sexes often fail to get required attention from their opposite sex. There are products available in the market known as Pheromone which helps to increase attraction between opposite sexes. 

People often wonder, whether these pheromone products available in the market, can really help them to enhance sexual desire and appeal among the opposite sex. As a matter of fact, natural pheromone do exist in our body itself however, it may not be potent enough to make too much of difference. Therefore, many companies are coming out with their artificial sex pheromones. The famous cologne perfume is one of them, which are used for increasing attraction to opposite sex at subconscious level. 

Our website has been created, which will review and rate all the pheromones available in the market, so that you will know which one is really effective. It will also compare all the well known brands, who are manufacturing them. You may find plenty of such products in the internet and some of them may not be even contain pheromone at all.

As a matter of fact, the natural pheromone that exists in human also works, but in order to increase their effectiveness, you can use some of these products, which have the right kind of ingredients. Plenty of research has been done by us to see the quality of each of the brands available in the market and also lots of user’s feedbacks have also been considered. We are providing our observations and comparisons for this year, for all top brands of pheromone products.

Top 5 Pheromones Comparison Table

Ranking #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
Top 5
Pherlure Pherazone Attract-Rx Androstenone
Speed Of Results


Fast Pretty Fast Medium Medium


95% 91% 85% 81%


4/5 3/5 3/5 2/5
Free Bonuses Yes Yes No No No
Guarantee 67

Top 5 Pheromones

#1 Pheromone: Nexus Pheromones

Plenty of pheromone products are available in the market, but none can really be rated as effective enough to produce desired result like Nexus pheromone.  Any Nexus Pheromone bottle of 10 ml contains the chemicals which is very seductive enough to attract opposite sex. These small bottles are also popularly known as pheromones in the market. 

The principle of these Nexus Pheromones is therefore to compensate the shortage of natural pheromone that exists in human body. Therefore by using them, any person can become more attractive and appealing to opposite sex.

Usually, any scent of Nexus Pheromones can remain effective till 10 hours and by using its concentrate form one can get more amount of effect. Nexus pheromones are used by many people, since they have been clinically tested in the laboratory and their effect has been proven also.

By using Nexus Pheromones, one can hope to get great result in attracting opposite sex, which may result in better eye contact and more conversations as well. Those who go for date by using these pheromones can get better result, which may end up in long lasting sexual relationship.
Nexus offers 100% money back guarantee for their product and if someone is not satisfied by using their pheromone, then within the period of 60 days, they can claim for the refund of their money. Pheromone that is supplied by Nexus is of very high quality standards and certainly one of the finest options that is available in the market. 

Our experiences with Nexus have been really fantastic. It is available in the variety of spray and considered to be a really very good scent. The fragrance that it produces is really very masculine, but it is certainly not irritating. Many women have complimented us while we used Nexus and we are not too sure whether it was the attraction as a result of pheromone or they liked the scent. It could be both too. In any case, we like the Nexus very much. 

Click Here To Visit Nexus Pheromones Site

#2 Pheromone: Pherlure

Another leading product is appearing in the market that is known as pherlure, which is also catching up in the market very fast.
Pherlure has got lots of attention in the media as a sexual erosion product and many people have given its testimonials and claims as regards the effectiveness of this product. It has two different versions – one as a perfume, while other as pheromone cologne, which offers guarantee for sexual attraction.

Those who are in the business of Pherlure claim that, those who use this as a perfume or as cologne may hope to get immediate notice of their opposite sex, just with simple eye contact. It can finally end up with deep bonding and relationship including sexual encounter. There are scientific evidences are also available to support the claim of this product’s effectiveness to increase passion for sex among the females.

One can use this Phelure very easily, almost like any normal cologne or perfume, while taking shower bath and just see its effect. You will surely make your friends envy, due to your effectiveness in wooing your opposite sex with greater ease. They will be surprised to see your confidence, as they hardly know about the secret of your attraction among the opposite sex.
Phelure is certainly a promising product and we rate them as number 2 in our preference list. People have been giving very favorable comment about this product. 

Click Here To Visit Pherlure Site

#3 Pheromone: Pherazone

You can easily count Pherazone as one among the top five pheromone product of the market. It is considered to be effective like our top two pheromones in the market. Pherazone have been approved by lab and is a quality product that produces the fragrances to provide powerful pheromone effect. Its effect has been tested on both men and women and people are highly satisfied with the result.

Pherazone although, was found to be a effective product, but it costs very high. However the users think that it’s worth paying for it. There is one problem with this product, that it isn’t easily available in any local store. However an ounce of bottle may last long enough for you, as you will need very little quantity for usage. 

So folks, if you cannot get along very well with ladies group, then you may want to consider getting a bottle of Pherozone and try your luck, and be rest assured that you will win them with hands down.

Click Here To Visit Pherazone Site

#4 Pheromone: Attract-Rx

Another pheromone is available which is known as Attract-Rx. The manufacturer of this pheromone claims that it can work very effectively for any kind of men and women of all ages whether they are gay or straight. This natural herbal pheromone is meant for stimulating and producing the sex pheromones in human body.

Attract-Rx is slightly different product. It is not like any conventional scent or cologne that is commercially used by people. Attract-Rx is actually like any vitamin tablet, which can be injected in human body in order to produce pheromones. 

Since, this Attract-Rx is not a scent, but helps in releasing the pheromones from one’s body and therefore, it attracted us a lot. It is much different from usual perfume or scents that we have used earlier. Attract-Rx was fourth product which caught our attention. After using this product we found that women were flirting with us more and therefore, we thought of using this product along with many other pheromones in combination and study the effect.

We think that Attract-Rx is an overpriced vitamin tablet that enhances the pheromone effect. Since, this vitamin is not FDA approved, so it is difficult to know the constituents of this vitamin. Overall it is an alternative option.

Click Here To Visit Attract-Rx Site

#5 Pheromone: Androstenone

Another product which was advertised a lot, known as Androstenone. The name of this product suggests that it has been named after some human pheromone. Although, lots of money have been spent in marketing effort for this product, but it has not proven to be great success as thought initially.

Perhaps the name of the product as Androstenone was chosen to give an impression to people that this is human pheromone and hence it will attract more women, but the result was not at all encouraging. People who have tested this product did not get the desired result that they had expected from it. So we think that product will lose its popularity in the market very soon as more adverse comments have been coming from the men, who have used this product to attract women. 

Androstenone has failed to produce any human pheromone as per the expectation, as the manufacturer of this product has used certain oil with another cheaper ingredient, which has shown very disappointing results. Also plenty of adverse comments came from the users and also research report goes against the product. It is really not worth investing any money on this product.

Click Here To Visit Androstenone Site

Our Honest Conclusion

After reviewing all different pheromones, based on their effect in attracting any women, their price and also their delivery schedule, we concluded that Nexus was the most favorable product for seducing any women. Although Pherlure also got lots of favorable points, but at the end we voted for Nexus, as it has given us much better result as compared to others. If you consider the delivery schedule and its way of application, then this is certainly the product where one must put their money. Cheers.

The purpose of this site is to present readers with an accurate, clear and honest review of the pheromones. All system claims are made based on; customer testimonials, medical endorsements, 3rd party clinical/scientific studies, supplier information or user posted documented support forums.."

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