What is a Quinceanera party?

by Michael

Is the word Quinceanera party new to you?

Do you want to learn something more about it?

If so, then keeps reading.

What happens at the Quinceanera party?

There are a lot of things linked to this event but with time, the tradition is taking a different form and today a lot of new things are added to its concept. If you too are invited to one of these events, you will find it pretty amazing and unique to all the other parties that you have been to.

The Quinceanera party bus Denver is often rented for either celebrating the whole event on the bus or for taking the guests to the venue of the party. the whole thing is to make the girl feel special about her transformation.

What includes in the Quinceanera party?

There are a lot of common traditions that follow in the Quinceanera party. most of the parties are based upon these traditions that you will find when you go to this party.

  • It is traditional for the girl to wear a dress or a gown to the occasion so that she looks like a formal princess. Much like the bridal shower, the dress is complemented with other things such as necklaces, sashes, and tiaras to make the event look more charming.
  • The girl whose party is being celebrated is offered a change of shoes by her father where her flat shoes are taken off and she is given a pair of high heel shoes, indicating her transformation from a girl to a woman.
  • The ceremony is either held at home or at some banquet hall where all the friends and family are invited to join in the dance, food, and music with celebration for the girl.
  • Close friends, cousins, or siblings are included in the court of honor of the girl where the court can comprise both boys and girls.
  • Another important part of the ceremony is the dance of father and daughter where they both get to dance and the crowd cheers. This is a tradition and we see that there are a lot of resemblances of this ceremony with a wedding ceremony or a bridal shower.
  • The guests bring gifts for the Quinceanera as well and it is traditional to give a Bible, some prayer books, rosary beads, or flower bouquets to the girl to make the tradition start religiously.