What should you do on your next visit to Amsterdam?

by Michael

If you are planning to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam, chances are you have a few museums among the places you want to visit. One of the museums that are attracting the attention of tourists is the Moco Museum. Located in the popular Museumplein square and founded in 2016, this museum stands out for the diversity of art pieces it offers. It is a diversity that focuses on achieving to create interest in all the people who visit it. If you are interested in modern art Amsterdam, you already have the perfect candidate. With two floors of exhibits and a private garden, you should be sure that you are in for an unforgettable day. Don’t forget to pay attention to the recommendations of the museum staff to make your visit a pleasant experience.

What kind of art can you find in this museum?

If you want to see modern, contemporary, and street art, you will see it all in this museum. However, its facilities do not house just any type of art. Founders Lionel and Kim Logchies started the museum with the idea that the art on display would have some kind of positive impact on people. Pieces are as well-known as Banksy’s or as unique as Studio Irma’s Reflecting Forward fill the spaces of this museum. This way, modern art in Amsterdam seeks to make museum places appreciated by all kinds of people, regardless of their taste in art. In fact, in this museum, you will find something that will make you laugh, cry, doubt, and even give you new ideas about something you had never considered before.

How can you visit this modern art in Amsterdam?

The first thing you will need to know is what works of art are on display. Remember that some of these works are rotated during certain times of the year. Visit the museum’s website to find out. The museum offers the possibility of buying tickets online. You will be able to select the date and time and see what is available. Keep in mind that there are seasons when the museum receives more visitors so you should buy your tickets in advance. Once the day arrives, you should arrive at this modern art in Amsterdam a few minutes before your entrance time as shown on your ticket. Please do not be late. If it is high season, no exceptions can be made and you may miss your chance to get in.